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Types of Personal Hygiene

By Finserv MARKETS - Nov 26,2020
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Importance and Types of Personal Hygiene

It is correctly said that health is wealth. Maintaining your good health is often something that requires you to take an initiative and ensure that you remain in good health through ideal and healthy practices.

One of the best ways to ensure continued good health is by maintaining personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance and is far wider than just brushing your teeth twice a day and taking a shower on a daily basis.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

There are several benefits of maintaining personal hygiene. Regardless of which types of personal hygiene you may practice, it is important to learn the benefits of some key personal hygiene types too since they may improve your lifestyle.

  1. Personal hygiene ensures that you stay fit and healthy
  2. Through maintaining all personal hygiene types, you can ensure that all germs and dead cells are eliminated from your body
  3. Maintaining personal hygiene also protects you from viruses and infections
  4. Your self-esteem will be enhanced by maintaining personal hygiene, since it makes you feel clean and good
  5. By following personal hygiene habits, you ensure that you are not spreading any germs and thereby helping others around you to stay safe
  6. Improves your sleep habits and overall routine
  7. Personal hygiene helps ensures that your mental health remains well and protected

Types of Personal Hygiene

There are several types of personal hygiene, all of which contribute toward you ensuring personal hygiene levels. Read on to learn about the different personal hygiene types.

  1. Personal Hygiene of Hands:
    Hands are probably the body part that touches the most number of external objects and substances during any regular day. As a result, after touching something, if you immediately touch your hand to your eyes or nose, this may cause irritation. Thus, it is important that you maintain a good hygiene of your hands in order to ensure that germs do not spread to other parts of the body and result in more complicated illnesses. You can do this by ensuring that you wash your hands with soap and water at frequent intervals, and especially after coming back home after you have gone out. 
  2. Nail Hygiene:
    Germs and bacteria tend to accumulate under your nails and then get passed on to other items you touch, which could include food, and could make you fall sick. Thus, even as you wash your hands and maintain hygiene of your hands, ensure that you pay extra attention and clean your nails thoroughly too. 
  3. Facial Hygiene:
    Your face is one of the most exposed body parts which tends to gather up the largest amounts of dirt. Face hygiene is a very important facet of personal hygiene, since looking presentable depends largely on it. Thus, it is best to maintain facial hygiene by washing your face at regular intervals and using a face wash that helps keep oil and dirt off your face. 
  4. Oral Hygiene:
    Oral hygiene refers to the hygiene practices to keep your mouth clean. High humidity levels in your mouth create a breeding spot for bacteria. Bacteria being present in your mouth for a long period may result in the development of tooth decay, bad breath, or both. To ensure that you follow the best oral hygiene practices, you should floss between your teeth each time you brush your teeth. Additionally, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash and make sure you visit a dentist every 6 months. 
  5. Personal Hygiene of the Body:
    The human body has a tendency to release sweat even after a slight exertion. To remove the sweat and the dirt that accumulates as a result of it, it is necessary to take routine showers and use soap that washes off the dirt. Once you are done with your shower, ensure that you wear clean clothes. 
  6. Hair:
    Human hair is known for the oils it releases, which ensures that the hair remains luxuriant and well-kept. However, an excess of the oil in your hair results in accumulation of dust, which not only makes it look unattractive but is also very harmful. While washing your hair everyday is not advisable, since shampoo tends to wash away the natural oils, it is necessary to wash your scalp thoroughly when you do wash it with shampoo. Massage your scalp and ensure the shampoo has seeped in before you wash it.


Personal hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain healthy and well. However, health issues can crop up unexpectedly for the best of us, regardless of the precautions we take. In order to protect yourself against unexpected health problems, it is best to proactively invest in a health insurance plan that protects you in the long run.

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