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What Does Your Two-Wheeler Say About You?

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 26,2019
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Ever wondered which bike or scooter matches your personality? Here’s a light-hearted and not-so-scientific, take on bike personalities. Once, you read through this article you are bound to find your two-wheeler soulmate!


You are a person who loves to challenge stereotypes. American classics are your favourite, and you have a taste for the finer things in life. You believe that your wealth should be spent on things that truly reflect your rebellious side. You know very well where the quality lies, and although you can get cheaper cruiser bikes than this, a Harley is for life.


You are well aware of your capabilities and consider yourself to be the alpha male. People look up to you and take your words seriously. You are a powerful individual, both physically and intellectually. However, at times, you can come off as headstrong. Nonetheless, you inspire others to keep themselves motivated, no matter the hardships ahead!


You are a person who requires things to move as quickly as possible to fit your fleeting routines. You don’t laze around or stop to take breaks and are always active. A go-getter, you know how to remain trendy, without spending lots of money. You are also very ambitious and always strive to be successful.


You are adventurous and love the thrills of life. Speeding through the roads is like a drug for you! You believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and you live by the clichéd “You Only Live once” concept. And with a bike like that you’ve also probably had a lot of run-ins with the police for speeding!


The empty highways are your paradise! You are a person who gives more importance to the journeys and not the destination. You are an independent person, with a strong will. Your all-time favourite song is probably Highway to Hell!


You’re an oldie who’s still young at heart and feels nostalgic when riding this lovely vintage scooter. You seem to be an upbeat, cheerful person and maybe a little poetic in nature.


You probably don’t care whether you ride a scooter or motorcycle, you just want to reach your destination and that’s all that matters. You are a practical and easy-going person, who gels well with everyone. There isn’t any downside to you! You just want to live a simple life without the need for something crazy.

While your bike says much about your personality, your choice of Bike/two-wheeler insurance also says a lot about you! If you have chosen a third-party bike insurance, you probably underestimate the dangers of bike riding and the losses they can cause. A comprehensive insurance offers all-round financial protection against major risks of bike riding. By paying a reasonable bike insurance premium, you can secure coverage against major losses like total damage and theft of your bike. So be wise, buy two wheeler insurance online from Finserv MARKETS, and enjoy carefree rides on your bike!

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