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What is PUC Certificate and How To Get One?

Pollution under Control Certificate or PUC Certificate

The decision to start driving comes with its own set of responsibilities. When you purchase, say, a two-wheeler, you must have a valid driving license, a two-wheeler insurance policy and a PUC certificate. These three documents have been mandated by the government for our own good and are integral to being a responsible citizen.

While most of us are aware that a valid driving license is mandatory to be able to drive any two-wheelers in the country, the importance of the other two documents is often ignored.

So, firstly, you need to have a two-wheeler insurance policy before you take your bike for its first ride. Today, the market offers a range of options for you, that too, at the tip of your fingers. For instance, covers like Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, offers a host of benefits like instant claims, no claim bonuses, etc. Finserv MARKETS is a platform that makes available a bouquet of options for you to carefully select based on your priorities and requirements.

Secondly, in line with the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, it is also compulsory to have a PUC certificate for your vehicle. If you are caught without a valid PUC certification, you are liable to pay a hefty fine.

What is PUC certificate?

The perils of climate change are looming large over us. To reduce emissions and curb the deteriorating air, the government has made it mandatory emission test for all vehicles plying on the road. You are granted a PUC certificate only if your vehicle meets all the pollution control measures prescribed by the government.

Now, PUC stands for Pollution under Control. So, having this certification for your vehicle implies that its emissions are under control and in line with the pollution norms of the government.

You are required to carry this certificate at all times while driving. Moreover, if you do not have a PUC certificate for your two-wheeler, you may not be able to avail a two-wheeler insurance cover.

Vehicles Requiring PUC Certification

All the vehicles running on the Indian road need to have a valid PUC certificate. There are pollution testing centers that issue the same for all the registered vehicles across the country. As a matter of fact, there are over 256 pollution testing centers in Bangalore city alone. For easy access, these centers are located beside highways or near petrol pumps in your town.

During a PUC test, your vehicle should meet the following criteria –

Type of Vehicle Percentage of Carbon Monoxide Hydrocarbon Measured in PPM
Two and Three wheelers (2/4 – stroke) manufactured on or before March 31, 2000 4.5 9,000
Two and Three wheelers (2 – stroke) manufactured after March 31, 2000 3.5 6,000
Two and Three wheelers (4 – stroke) manufactured after March 31, 2000 3.5 4,500
Four wheelers manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II Norms 3 1,500
Four wheelers manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II, Stage III or subsequent norms 0.5 750

PUC Test Procedure:

There are mainly two ways of conducting the emissions test for motor vehicles.

For diesel vehicles, its accelerator is pressed fully and then the reading on the pollution meter is recorded. This process is repeated five times and the average is recorded as the final reading for emissions from your vehicle.

Now, in the case of petrol vehicles, the car is kept idle with legs off the accelerator. Whatever the reading, is your full and final score. This process is not repeated.

PUC Certificate Content

The PUC Certificate mainly contains the following

PUC Certificate Validity

When you purchase a vehicle, your brand new PUC certificate will be applicable for 12 months. After a year, you will be required to get your bike tested at regular intervals to get another bike PUC certificate.

Now, these new bike PUC certificates will be applicable for a period of six months. If the emissions in any of these tests are not found to be satisfactory, the validity of the new certificate will be decided in line with the test readings.

If your bike emits higher levels of emissions than allowed, the registration number of your two-wheeler will be notified to the RTO immediately.

Where can you get the PUC certificate?

There are hundreds of PUC granting centers across the country, usually as roadside vans, along highways and petrol stations. Now, the government has also asked all petrol stations to serve as PUC centers to make it more accessible and effortless for vehicle owners.

Currently, the government is also mulling over whether the application for PUC certificates should be made available online. Getting a PUC certificate online will be a very convenient thing.

How Much Does The PUC Test Cost?

In order to encourage compliance, the government has set the cost of getting a PUC certificate quite minimal. Getting this certificate will cost you somewhere around Rs 60 to Rs 100, depending on the vehicle being tested.

When Should You Obtain PUC Certification?

The PUC certificate is issued when you purchase a new vehicle. However, it comes with an expiration date. It is generally valid for a year and needs to be renewed through a PUC testing center.

According to Rule 115 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, all the vehicles running on the Indian roads need to carry a PUC certificate. In other words, you need to show PUC when asked by any official authority.

Should You Carry The PUC Certificate With You?

Along with a valid driver’s license and motor insurance, PUC certification needs to be carried with you at all times. In case you fail to present the requested documents to traffic police, you may face hefty penalties. Also, the PUC certificate must be valid. Take a new PUC test every time the document expires.

Having PUC is mandatory and legal, and will save you a fortune. So, in case the PUC is about to expire, visit the nearest authorized center and get it renewed.

However, at times, traffic police officers can ask for a PUC recheck, even if the certificate is valid. According to Section 115, the officer can ask you to take a retest if they suspect that your vehicle emits more smoke than the certificate states. The request for a retest of the vehicle for PUC norm should be writing and needs to be replied within seven days.

Penalties for Not Obtaining A PUC Certificate

In case you do not have a valid PUC certificate, you could be prosecuted under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act. Also, a penalty of INR 1000 is charged for the first offence and INR 2000 for the subsequent ones.

PUC Certification and Car Insurance Renewal

To battle the air pollution in India, the Supreme Court agreed to the recommendations raised by the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA). According to these recommendations, it is mandatory to link the PUC certificate to your motor insurance plan (when renewing the insurance policy). Failing to abide by the said rule, vehicle owners will no longer be able to renew the motor insurance coverage.

A few highlights of the Supreme Court directive are as follows-

It is important to remember here that you cannot renew your two-wheeler insurance cover without having a valid PUC certificate. As a responsible insurance platform, Finserv MARKETS also requests all vehicle owners to get their vehicles tested for PUC certification at regular intervals. Also, if the renewal date of your two wheeler insurance policy is near, it is prudent to ensure that you have a valid PUC certificate for your vehicle. Not only will this make you a law-abiding responsible citizen, but will also contribute to the ongoing efforts to combat climate change.

Pollution under Control FAQs

1. Do I need a new PUC certification when travelling to a different state in India?

No. Your PUC certification is valid across the country.

2. Who conducts the Pollution under Control test?

The person conducting the PUC test needs to have a minimum qualification in motor mechanics or automobile engineering from a recognized university. They should be aware of the PUC test process and know how to make minor repairs/adjustments to the vehicle to bring down its pollution emission levels. Note that these adjustments should not harm the engine performance of the vehicle.

3. What are the requirements for PUC test?

All you have to do is take your vehicle to the pollution testing center.

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