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What is the current status of research in human life extension?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 21,2019
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Human Life Extension

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According to the Judeo-Christian faith, Adam, the first human being created directly by the Creator – God, lived for 930 years and Noah was the last man to live more than 950 years before the pre-flood era. After that human life expectancy began to taper down and the longest one could live on earth was around 120 years.

Man has always dreamt of living a long and healthy life but in spite of great technological and scientific development, the dream to extend human life has remained elusive. However, medical science now has reached a stage where human life extension – well beyond 120 years can become normal rather than an exception.

In the early 20th century, life expectancy even in very developed countries ranged from 45-50 years. As clean water, public health and hygiene were improved and vaccines developed to tackle serious epidemics, life expectancy saw a rapid increase as mortality rates started decreasing.

The availability of best medical insurance policies designed to allow patients to get good quality healthcare and hospitalization have also helped in increasing the average human lifespan. When you apply for health insurance that is customized for you such as those from Bajaj Allianz , you financially secure yourself and your family against serious diseases such as cancer, heart disorders, diabetes, strokes, etc.

Current Life Expectancy

Currently, the life expectancy scenario in developed nations looks something like this:

Infants who will live to age 50 and more – 96%

Survival rate of 65 years or more – 84%

Survival range between 65-95 years – 75%

For India, if we only look at life expectancy at birth since 1967, it shows an upward trajectory. While life expectancy at birth in 1967 was around 40 years in 1967, in 2016 it was 68.56 years according to World Bank data.

What is human life extension?

Though many people wish to attain longevity, age reversal, and rejuvenation, most of them are hardly aware that such a thing is plausible. Life extension and aging are hardly mainstream topics. A study conducted by Brad Partridge and his colleagues in 2009 in Australia revealed that only 5% of the people surveyed really knew about human life extension. 54% of those surveyed had no idea and 41% knew a little.

Firstly, it would be safe to say that human life extension and age reversal is a definite possibility in the near future. The current body of research is not unanimous but it’s moving in the right direction. Extended human life is no longer science fiction, its real science.

Today, there are hundreds of scientists and researchers working on anti-aging and longevity research. Human life extension, anti-aging, and longevity research combines nutrition, behavioural modification, lifestyle changes, drugs, medical science, and biotechnology to reduce the rate or reverse aging so human beings can live much longer and healthier. If human life extension is a success, we will be able to stop aging by eliminating degenerative diseases related to old age and extend human life exponentially.

Quality medical care also plays a great role in increasing life expectancy but is expensive without best medical insurance coverage. Therefore, health insurance plays a vital part in increasing human life. Given the high cost of quality health care today, it’s imperative to apply for an insurance policy. Health insurance takes a lot of financial burden out of people’s lives and helps them enjoy better healthcare services, thus extending their lives. Also, the  premiums that you pay are very affordable. For instance, with Bajaj Allianz health insurance, one of the best medical insurance providers in India, you can insure your entire family with as little as Rs.292 per month when you purchase it at Bajaj Finserv MARKETS,

The current state of research on longevity and anti-aging

Despite big claims and billions of dollars spent on human life extension and anti-aging research, as well as massive developments in stem cell research, there is still no medicine or medical technology available today that can definitely reduce, prevent or reverse aging and degeneration of our bodies with age. The benefits of regular exercise, healthy food choices, calorie-restricted diet, and lifestyle changes still outweigh anything medical science and technology have been able to achieve.

Some experiments with mice and other animal species have shown that there is great potential in extending healthy lives by repairing cell and tissue damage that causes physical and mental degeneration associated with age. However, nothing beats a healthy diet, exercise and a positive lifestyle, and of course timely and quality medical care. You should take care of these things to extend the quality of your life. Don’t forget to apply for health insurance on Bajaj Finserv MARKETS before you reach 30 and secure yourself against physical ailments that arise with age. It is recommended to buy a mediclaim policy early on in life to avail several health insurance benefits.

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