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What Is The Dark Side Of Being A Digital Nomad?

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 31,2019
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Dark Side Of Being A Digital Nomad

The spread of the internet and the subsequent rise of a digital economy has given rise to job profiles that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. People do not need cubicles and many have made the world their office. The advent of the gig economy and the increasing level of outsourcing, especially in creative departments like marketing, promotions, designing and content creation has spurned a new section of workers who are location independent and prefer to work without set schedules. If you are on social media, you must have noticed that particular friend who travels around the world, drinks the best wines, eats the most delicious food and roams around without an iota of stress. There are very high chances of your friend being a digital nomad.

Who is a digital nomad?

As the name suggests, digital nomads are location-independent people who are self-employed and earn their living through the internet. They generally work from different countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces or libraries. They travel frequently, meet new people and most of them earn well, which gives a sense of perfection to their life. However, behind those impeccably curated social media posts is a life of loneliness, uncertainty, and stress. Every postcard-worthy moment in a digital nomad’s life has a dark side to it. Let us look at the downsides of being a digital nomad.

What Is The Dark Side Of Being A Digital Nomad?

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A digital nomad is constantly on the move, which makes it very difficult for him to keep with family, friends, and acquaintances. Settling in a new place and assimilating in new cultures every other week takes its toll on digital nomads after a while. Sometimes a simple sight of families having dinner together or going for movies leads people to break down. Many people see it as a temporary phase and eventually plan to return to a more stable life, but the constant travel and the novelty attached with it makes returning to normal life difficult.

What Is The Dark Side Of Being A Digital Nomad?

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Lack of Meaningful Relationships

People who work remotely from different countries often bump into similar people. The only people they remain in constant touch with are the ones they collaborate with or work together. Some cities like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Saigon and Bali have become a global hub for digital nomads and people frequently visit these cities to develop connections or collaborate. The line between an actual friendship and a business relationship blurs while being a digital nomad. There are no permanent relationships and a good relationship is as long as they stay together. After a few years as nomads, people start yearning for families and long-time friends. A lack of meaningful relationships results in absence of trustworthy people in times of need. If you cannot rely on anyone, it is always better to have a travel insurance plan. With a travel insurance policy, one always has a sense of safety and security in a foreign country.

Money Management

Earning without a regular job sounds exciting but is not very easy. Most people when they leave their jobs and start an alternative career on the internet, earn very less. Years or months of consistent efforts are required to reach a level of earnings that is sustainable and that can support a frequently mobile life. Digital nomads also have to save for the future as the nature of work is not permanent. Some people also stop working for extended periods when they travel to a new place. Frequent travel to a new location has its own additional expenses. Besides, lodging and food, a buffer is needed in times of accidents or unpredictable expenses. Many countries have a high rate of crime like pick-pocketing and robberies and foreigners are one of the most vulnerable groups. The chances of losing important documents or money make it very important to buy travel insurance before travelling. At Finserv MARKETS, you can buy travel insurance online and enjoy a plethora of benefits.

Time Management

A nomadic life brings with it immense freedom, but sometimes the freedom can be illusionary. Many digital nomads take complex high-paying projects to fund their travel and lifestyle. Completing a large project single-handedly requires immense hard work, which results in disruption of sleep cycles. Without a proper schedule, it is very difficult to survive as a digital nomad, as working without a proper deadline requires focus and discipline.Many people are not able to cope with frequent travelling and extreme work pressure and suffer a mental breakdown.

Life as a digital nomad is not for everyone. Extreme hard work and patience are required to achieve the lifestyle that is portrayed on social media platforms. Additionally, there is a constant pressure of being better than competitors, to be on top of the game. Having travel insurance is a necessity to maintain the fast-paced life of a digital nomad. Without proper safety nets like travel insurance, even a small disruption can set you back significantly. The availability of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance on online portals like Finserv MARKETS has made buying one very easy.

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