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Why should I convert my car to CNG?

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 23,2019
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Why should I convert my car to CNG

While cases of environmental depletion continue to make the picture grimmer by the day, there are also certain numbers that give us all a glimmer of hope. A case in point is the rise in the use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) worldwide. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, the growth in NGVs has touched the 1.9 crore mark. Natural gas vehicles use fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The good news is that you can convert your car to run on CNG too. All you need is a CNG conversion kit and some time to make the switch. Once you’ve done that, make sure your vehicle is covered by car insurance, so you can mitigate any potential damages. If you’re looking for a competitive car insurance plan, simply head to Finserv MARKETS, choose your coverage, get assessed, and get your car insurance policy issued. It’s that simple.

If you’re still unsure about modifying your car so it can run on CNG, here’s why you should take this step.

CNG cars are eco-friendly

Petrol and diesel, which have conventionally been used as fuel, aren’t the cleanest options we have. Compressed natural gas is a cleaner alternative. In comparison with gasoline vehicles or diesel automobiles, CNG cars have a cleaner carbon footprint. In the latter option, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by around 70%, carbon dioxide emissions by around 20%, and nitrogen oxide discharges by around 87%. These reductions are significant enough to help rebuild the planet’s ecosystem over time, which has been greatly affected by greenhouse gases. If you’ve been keen on adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, consider converting your vehicle to CNG.

CNG is an efficient fuel

You don’t need to trade in vehicle performance in exchange for an eco-friendly option anymore. This is because not only is compressed natural gas easier on the environment, but it’s also a highly efficient fuel. CNG, which is essentially methane at high pressures, has a higher octane rating than petrol or diesel. CNG’s octane rating is 130, while petrol’s octane rating is only around 87 to 88, depending on the lead content. This makes CNG cars more efficient than petrol-driven vehicles. So, if worry about performance issues has kept you away from converting to CNG, you know now that efficiency is only bound to increase when you use compressed natural gas.

Why should I convert my car to CNG

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Compressed natural gas is a safe alternative

When it comes to safety, CNG has science backing it up. Firstly, CNG’s range of flammability is quite narrow; it only combusts if its concentration in air is between 5% and 15%. Secondly, it mixes with the air easily. So, in rare cases when there’s a leakage of CNG, the gas dissipates into the air unlike gasoline, which tends to pool on the ground and pose a very real fire hazard. CNG is also non-toxic and non-corrosive, and it doesn’t seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater. In addition to this, CNG tanks are stronger than gasoline tanks. All of these factors make CNG cars a much safer alternative compared to gasoline-driven vehicles.

You don’t need to spend a bomb

With all these advantages, you’d think CNG would be more expensive than gasoline or diesel. The truth is, compressed natural gas is significantly more affordable. Gasoline is around three times costlier than natural gas. Not only are CNG cars cheaper with with regards to fuel, but the costs of maintaining them are also lower in the long run. This is because natural gas, being a clean-burning source of energy, doesn’t wear out your car’s engine as much as petrol or diesel would. This feature of CNG allows you to enjoy long-term savings by reducing maintenance expenses and by minimizing the need to go through multiple oil changes or part replacements.

These are only some of the many reasons you should consider converting your car to CNG. And if you do make the conversion, remember to verify whether your vehicle is covered by car insurance before you hit the road again. If you need a new policy, or if your old one needs renewal, all you need to do is visit the Finserv MARKETS online portal. You can choose a car insurance plan that suits you best, whether it is a comprehensive policy or a third-party liability plan.

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