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Why You Should Buy An Engine Protect Add On Cover

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 14,2019
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Benefits And Features Of Engine Protect Add On Cover

With monsoon making its arrival in India, the possibilities of flood-like situations are likely to be experienced in most parts of the country. In such a case, your precious vehicle is under an undeniable threat.

Now, you might be able to maneuver your vehicle to the other side of the road, away from the waterlogged area. But an attempt to start the engine can permanently cause damage to it. You must be wondering that your basic car insurance policy will cover this expense for you. Unfortunately, it won’t!

Why Is Basic Car Insurance Policy Not Enough During Flood-Like Situations?

Although your regular four-wheeler insurance will cover both damage and third-party liabilities, it still won’t come in handy during floods.

Your car engine is covered under your basic insurance policy. But if you try to start the engine during the flood or waterlogged conditions and damage it, your car insurance policy does not cover the said damage.

This is mainly because regular car insurance policies do not cover consequential damages. Although your policy covers engine damage due to flooding, there is still a catch. Your insurance does not cover engine damage during floods in case the loss is because you decided to start the engine when your car was in deep waters.

In technical terms, this damage is known as hydrostatic lock and is categorized under consequential damage.

However, any other damage caused due to flood water is covered under your insurance policy.

So, what can be done to cover the hydrostatic lock?

Well, to avoid paying for the hydrostatic lock, you can opt to buy an engine protection cover. Many insurance providers offer different car insurance add-ons, including the engine protection cover as an extra benefit to people living in flood-prone areas.

What Is Engine Protect Add-On Cover?

The engine protect add-on is known with various names in the industry and is an optional coverage offered by insurance providers. All you have to do is pay an additional car insurance premium, and your insurer will cover the consequential damage caused to your car engine due to water ingression.

With this add-on cover, you can protect the internal components of your car’s engine, the gearbox, and power steering pump. It is available in the market at an additional price of between INR 600 and INR 800.

The Bottom Line

If you happen to live in an area that experiences water logging situations during monsoon, it is wise to take the engine protection cover along with your basic policy.

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