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Winter car maintenance tips

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 23,2019
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car​ maintenance tips for winter

To ensure that your car continues to provide a smooth ride, regular maintenance of the vehicle is essential. During winter, the car is at an even greater risk of malfunctioning than at any other time of the year. The cold temperature can freeze up essential parts of the car which may not even come to your notice, but the car could stop functioning and you could end up stranded. Thus, as winter approaches, it is best to make preparations beforehand on how best to ensure the car’s care during the cold months.

Another precaution you should take is to check on your car insurance. With winter bearing down on us, breakdowns and wear and tear is all the more likely. While third party insurance is mandatory for driving on Indian roads, it is advisable to opt for the ​best car insurance​which provides comprehensive care to the vehicle and the driver. ​Apply for car insurance​on ​Finserv MARKETS​,and get access to 24×7 roadside assistance regardless of where you are.

Aside from availing the ​best car insurance​available in the market, read on to learn about a few other ​car maintenance tips​that will prove especially useful during winter.

  1. Check your Tires:

In several regions of the world, people use a different set of tires for summer and winter. This is because roads during winter tend to be slicker than in summer, and a pair of tires not meant for it will skid. Before winter sets in, it is important that you check your tires and see if they will get you through the cold months. If they look shoddy, make sure to get a new pair of tires before you hit the road. Keep a vigilant eye on the tires throughout winter and if the need arises, change them immediately.

  1. Check the Car’s Oil:

The oil in your car ensures a smooth performance and allows you to drive safely. Check the oil in your car before winter sets in to ensure that the level is correct, and also that the consistency of the fluid is perfect. Using a different kind of oil than what is recommended for your vehicle can lead to long-term damage of the car.

  1. Use your Car Regularly:

Many people do not actually regularly use their car. However, in winter, even if you don’t have anywhere to go in the car, make sure to turn it on and take a ride around the neighbourhood at least. This will keep the car functioning and operational, and will not give you trouble later when you need to use the car for longer commutes. Get the engine running for at least half an hour every alternate day, and you should be fine. Otherwise, when summer comes around and you need to get somewhere, you might find yourself with a breakdown on your hands. This is another reason why best​ car insurance​ should be purchased before winter sets in. Apply​ for car insurance​on ​Finserv MARKETS​and avail 24×7 roadside assistance no matter where you are. With this insurance policy, you can avail cashless facility at more than 4,000 garages across the country.

  1. Charge your Car Battery:

This is one of the most important car​ maintenance tips.​Before the cold of winter months set in, check on your car battery and see how much charge it still holds. It is best to get it fully charged before winter sets in, to prevent the chances of the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere while you are driving it. You can also choose to buy an all-in-one power pack, which can come in handy if your car battery runs out of charge without warning.

  1. Check your Coolant:

Before you start driving around in winter months, have a mechanic check your coolant, filters, thermostat, gas, oil, air and all other soft or leaking hoses. It is usually recommended that coolants be changed every two years, but if yours looks like it could use a change, you should get it changed before winter.

  1. Fill up your Fuel Tank:

While it is always advisable to fill up your fuel tank, in winter, it is even more so. In cold weather, if the fuel level drops below half, it may result in condensation which can cause the gas line to freeze and block the fuel’s progress towards the engine. Make sure to fill up the tank, whenever you notice a drop.

Make sure to implement these ​car maintenance tips​to ensure your vehicle remains in top working conditions during the winter months. However, along with these checks, it is also advisable to opt for the ​best car insurance​ahead of winter which can protect you from a range of unexpected emergencies. ​Apply for ​Bajaj Allianz car insurance​on ​Finserv MARKETS, and get access to cashless facility at more than 4,000 garages. You can also avail 24×7 roadside assistance and protection of the driver along with the vehicle.

You should also read about what​ is no claim bonus in car insurance​to reduce your premium during renewal.

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