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Worry-Free Holi: Tips to Stay Safe on This Colorful Festival

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 7,2020
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Holi Safety Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

Holi is just around the corner, and like nearly every other person, you too may be looking for the best Holi parties in your city. This festival of colors gives you so much to look forward to. Right from the endless echoes of the best Holi numbers from the movies to the incredible feeling of watching everyone from young children to elderly folks joining in on the fun, the Holi holiday is full of warmth and mischief.

But underneath this layer of fun and frolic, there lies something a tad bit more sinister. The colors we use today are nothing like the ones used decades earlier. Back then, Holi colors were made from organic sources like herbs and flowers that blossomed during the season. They were not only harmless but were actually even therapeutic in nature.

Now, however, the colors we use on this festival have seen increasing use of chemicals and dyes, many of which can be toxic to the human body. At best, they can cause skin irritation and allergies, while at worst, they could lead to dermatitis or even vision problems. So, how do you walk the tightrope between having fun on Holi as well as staying safe? Here are some tips to stay safe on Holi that can help you achieve this balancing act.

Skin and Haircare tips for Holi

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Sanitize your hands before eating

Ingesting the chemicals found in modern-day Holi colors will almost certainly be harmful. And more often than not, you may accidentally end up swallowing water mixed with colors. An important element of Holi safety is to ensure that you scrub the colors off your hands before eating anything. If you’re unable to wash the colors off, use a clean spoon to eat your food. Double-check all the snacks from the food counter to ensure that there is no color powder on them.

Keep yourself hydrated

Holi this year falls right at the turn of the season. The weather is getting hotter, and as summer makes its entry, you’ll find yourself reaching for the water bottle more often than not. On Holi, however, you’ll need to pay particular attention to remaining hydrated, because, with all the dancing and the chasing after your friends, you could get dehydrated quickly. Take care to drink water at regular intervals, so you can continue having fun without any ill effects.

Cover as much of your skin as possible

Getting the colors off your skin can be a challenging task after all the celebrations have died down. An easy way around this is to ensure that as little of your skin as possible is exposed to Holi colors. Pick cotton clothes with longer sleeves, so most of your arms are safe from chemical colors. Additionally, wear longer clothes to keep your skin safe from exposure to color water or powdered colors.

Protect your hair

You’ll likely take good care of your skin, but what about your hair? The summer sun combined with the colors could dry your hair out and make it brittle. A great tactic to work around this is to cover your hair with a layer of leave-in conditioner or a hair serum, so there’s a layer of protection for your locks. Alternatively, you could simply go old school and apply oil before you get into the confrontation of colors.

Take care of your eyes

Harmful chemicals in certain colored powders can be toxic to your eyes. For instance, some red-colored powders contain mercury sulfite, which can lead to impaired vision. Copper sulfate in green powders could cause eye allergies, soreness or redness of the eyes, or even temporary blindness. Take great care not to let the colors get in your eyes. As part of your Holi safety action plan, you could also wear sunglasses for added protection.

Invest in aftercare

After all the fun has died down, you’ll want to treat your skin and hair to quite a bit of pampering. Use natural agents like coconut oil, olive oil, and gram flour to get the colors out of your skin. Apply moisturizer to your skin once it’s been cleaned out, so you can restore some of the lost moisture and prevent dryness. Also, make sure that you clean your clothes thoroughly before using them again.


Clearly, the other side of Holi comes with many threats to your health, right from minor allergies to major health issues. To protect your health, ensure that you follow the tips to stay safe on Holi, as mentioned above. In addition to this, you can also protect your health by investing in health insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS. A health insurance plan offers you a safety net and protects against any financial losses that may arise out of sudden, unforeseen accidents. A policy cover coupled with adherence to these tips allows you to remain protected during Holi and lets you enjoy the festival to the fullest.

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