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10 of the weirdest things built from gold

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 1,2019
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10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Who is not fascinated by gold? Some realize that quirky things built out of gold can capture global attention and have gone ahead to do just that. If you thought gold works best as jewelry, maybe you should think again.

Let’s look at some of the weirdest things built out of gold.

1. Golden chocolate bar

The Wispa gold chocolate bar, covered in edible gold leaf and a gold wrapper, is one of the world’s most expensive chocolate bars. It first went on sale in 2009 for $1,608.22 in London, United Kingdom. The price is said to be the precise value of its weight in gold.

2. Gold credit card

In 2012, a Kazakhstan bank introduced an exclusive credit card made of gold, diamonds and mother of pearl. If you owned such a card, make sure to think twice before handing it over to a retailer! The card is said to cost $100,000.

10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Source: Mining.com

3. Gold-plated iPhone

London jeweller Gold & Co. hit the market with a 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5 priced at $4,380. This was soon after Apple launched its smartphone version in 2012. Even if this sounds too extravagant to you, know that gold mobile phones are definitely becoming a rage. Online gold shopping has never been easier. You can buy and sell digital gold with 100% transparency and no hidden charges.

4. Gold toilet

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan designed a fully-functional 18-carat gold toilet and was displayed at the Solomon Guggenheim museum in New York between 2016 and 2017. It is said that Donald Trump’s penthouse in the Trump Tower includes many gold furnishings, but no solid gold toilet. His private jet too is said to have gold-fixtures in one bathroom.

10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Source: TheRichest.com

5. Gold dumbbells

German designer Kristof Hock designed a collection of premium workout equipment including gold dumbbells priced at $125,000. According to Hock, the product was meant for more than just a workout. It could even be considered an investment, not only because Hock products are manufactured to last a long time, but due to the safety value offered by gold. Digital gold investment is a popular choice for most investors. You can purchase digital gold without any documentation on the Finserv MARKETS platform.

10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Source: TheRichest.com

6. Gold shirt

Datta Phuge, an Indian, had a shirt made entirely of gold in 2013. Costing about $240,000, the shirt was made of 14,000 pieces of 24-carat gold and weighed slightly over 3.5kgs. He was later murdered due to a dispute over money. Buying and selling digital gold has made transactions safer and more efficient for investment purposes.

7. Gold toilet paper

Australian company ‘The Toilet Man’ produced a toilet paper roll made entirely of 22-carat gold. One roll cost a whopping $1,376,900. Each order was said to be personally delivered with a bottle of champagne. Online gold shopping can extend to a variety of gold products.

10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Source: OddAndStrange.com

8. Gold pencil

In 2009, Korean designer Daisung Kim produced golden pencils coated with a thin layer of 24-carat gold. Each piece cost $20. Sounds cute? You can make your own with online gold shopping via Finserv MARKETS with its uncapped purchase limit.

9. Golden lemonade

French company Elixia Faustin produced an extravagant lemonade chilled with 24-carat gold flakes. The ultra deluxe drink was inspired by a client who demanded a lavish drink from the company in Dubai. The luxury of the drink probably inspired other wealthy customers to create their own lavish drinks at home. Want to make your own? Making a digital gold investment can be done effortlessly online.

10. Golden staples

Dutch design house Ooms created 14-carat gold plated staples as an intended form of jewellery. The staples come in a velvet case with 24 pieces, priced at $210. The firm also recommends impressing your boss by turning in your reports decked out with their gold staples.

10 of the weirdest things built from gold

Source: Ooms.nl


Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. Therefore, it is easy to use to make the most unusual things. However, one must have the resources to be able to do this easily. Deciding to choose a digital gold investment for yourself can hardly be a bad decision as it is the most liquid financial resource you can have.

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