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Apart from digital gold, are other metals also available digitally?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 26,2019
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Apart from digital gold, are other metals also available digitally

Gold, which has long been the favourite for jewellers, everyday consumers and investors alike, is now available for online trading in the form of Digital Gold. Considered the best investment plan since centuries now, gold can now be bought and sold online through platforms that facilitate trading of the precious metal. Gold has been acknowledged as the best investment plan because it acts as the perfect hedge against inflation. The price of gold does not fluctuate according to market conditions, which makes it a much more stable investment option as compared to other investment instruments.

The market for online metal trading is still at a nascent stage in India. As a result, digital gold is also struggling to find takers. Though it revolutionists the way that gold can be bought and the way people can sell gold online, customers are hesitant to take the plunge and shift from their traditional manner of buying gold. As a result, online trading of other metals is still at a standstill. While some firms do offer options for online trading of certain metals such as silver or platinum, their popularity is even lesser as compared to digital gold. Gold is the most commonly traded metal in the Indian subcontinent and even abroad, but until digital gold is accepted in a commonplace manner, other metals might find it harder to find online appeal.

Digital gold eases out several processes and makes life simpler for investors in several ways. Digital gold does away with the need for storage and transportation costs, and you can buy and sell gold online at any time at all. On Finserv MARKETS, you can buy gold for as little as Rs. 100, thus ensuring that you can start investing with very little cost.

Read on to learn about the objections that consumers have to trading in metals online and how Digital Gold is able to overcome them.


Similar to objections that consumers have to any kind of online retail, digital gold is also being passed on because consumers are unsure about the authenticity of the gold they can buy online. However, platforms like Finserv MARKETS sell gold that is Assay certified, thereby assuring consumers that the gold they buy online is 99.5% pure 24 karat gold. The certificate is available to consumers at the time of purchase.


When consumers or investors buy gold in the physical form, they usually rent out lockers at institutions or keep the gold at home which assures them of security. Since digital gold is a virtual concept, buyers are concerned about whether their investment will be safe. The concept of storage and security of digital gold is, however, similar to that of physical gold. If you purchase Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS, you can choose to secure your gold in a vault for a period of five years. Post this period, you can either choose to redeem or sell the gold. If you sell gold online, you can do it in a matter of minutes since the process is completely digitised and transparent; thereby allowing you to check market prices before you sell the gold. If you choose to redeem the gold, it will be couriered to your residence address in the form of gold bars or coins as per your requirement.


The reason gold is acknowledged as the best investment plan because of the high liquidity it offers investors. This means that at times of cash crunch, customers can immediately sell their gold and receive money to meet their financial crisis. Liquidity is one concern that traditional customers have with regards to digital gold. However, the virtual gold is even more liquid than physical gold! Digital gold can be sold off with the click of a few buttons if ever you face a financial crisis that requires you to immediately pay in cash.

Converting gold to jewellery:

Most Indian consumers buy gold during occasions such as festivals or marriages. In many families, gold is a precious heirloom and the jewellery made of gold is usually passed down the family. Digital gold can easily be redeemed into physical gold when the need arises. When physical gold is bought in the form of jewellery, there are a lot of other charges involved such as making charges or even the jeweller’s commission. These charges can be avoided at the time of buying Digital Gold. However, if you wish to convert the digital gold you have purchased into jewellery, you can choose to redeem it in the form of gold coins or bars. These will be sent to your place of residence, and then you can choose to get it made into any jewellery you desire.

With digitalisation of practically every commodity, consumers are opening up slowly to the idea of investing online and even purchasing precious metals online. As Digital Gold slowly revolutionists the way metals are purchased, other metals like silver and platinum should also begin seeing growing popularity. When you buy Digital Gold on Finserv MARKETS, you get the freedom to buy and sell gold online. Not only does it increase transparency and seamlessness of the whole trading process, you can also decide to buy or sell gold based on the current market prices. You can also buy gold with a very little investment, since gold can be bought on the platform for as little as Rs. 100. You can also get it redeemed and have it made into jewellery as per your convenience.

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