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Digital gold can entice millennials to invest in gold like their parents did

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 26,2019
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For Indians, gold has always been a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It also acts as a good investment option as it protects them against the effects of inflation. It can be made a part of the investment portfolio as unlike stocks and mutual funds, it holds little risk and carries significant value with itself.

Even though gold is a favorite investment choice of many, acquiring it comes with several challenges. Buying gold in the form of coins and bars comes with its own set of limitations such as safety, storage, and maintenance. For gold jewelry, there is an additional cost of manufacturing and designing them.

However, with the onset and advancement of the internet and digital technologies, these problems have been addressed, and investing in gold has become much more comfortable. Now, you have the option to buy gold online on Finserv MARKETS. It is a great investment choice for millennials as they can sell and buy gold online at market-linked rates with just a few taps on their smartphones.

A golden benefit for millennials

According to reports, millennials (aged between 20 and 35) are expected to rise to 73 million this year. They will go on to outnumber the baby boomers (aged between 52 to 70) as they are expected to come down to 72 million.


Digital gold can entice millennials to invest in gold like their parents did


Experts say that gold can be an attractive investment choice for millennials, considering some of them lost quite a bit of money in the crypto boom which had surfaced lately — this, going along with the fact that precious metals have had a history of preserving wealth.

“They need to know that gold is an asset class that is nobody’s liability, unlike pretty much anything else, and it stands the test of time. And since they are young, almost by definition, the implication is that they need some stabilizing asset class in their portfolios over the long-term to preserve wealth and keep stability,” said Bart Melek, the head of global strategy at TD Securities.

For India, the emergence of the millennial population has started to cast effects on its purchase patterns, influenced by how millennials are investing in gold. A lot of people are now exploring options to buy gold online on Finserv MARKETS. According to a report by the World Gold Council (WGC), India buys 663 tonnes of gold annually, falling only next to China which stands at buying 700-750 tonnes of this yellow metal annually.

If millennials are looking for an investment choice where the price is less volatile when compared to other assets, then online gold could be the answer. Gold markets around the world are known to stay high for long periods. Besides, the onset of inflation is a reliable indicator that it’s time to invest in gold. Since the Indian rupee is steadily losing value against more stable foreign currencies, it could just be high time for millennials to start spending in gold. The performance of gold is also known to be apolitical — it stands independent of any country’s economic policies, and thus looked like a better investment choice than other market-linked investment schemes.

Another great advantage that comes with gold is that it is internationally recognized and trusted, and has been a reliable form of exchange since ancient times. This gives gold a liquid nature, which means that it can provide a price any time of the day, anywhere in the world. Millennials can always exchange gold for real money without any hassle at all.


If you are a young millennial who is interested in investing in gold but don’t want to go through the entire process which comes with buying physical gold, then the best option you have right now is investing in gold on Finserv MARKETS. You can choose between grams or rupees — whichever option fits your investment schemes the best. This also allows you to buy gold in sachets, which means that you do not have to shell out a large sum of money if you want to buy online gold.

Buying gold online also eliminates the scope middlemen, and this can save you a lot of money which is otherwise spent in manufacturing, selling, and storing charges. Online gold on Finserv MARKETS also comes with Assay certification which guarantees that the gold which you buy is original and pure, carrying a 24 karat value with it.


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