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Digital Gold: The trading speed of equity with the stability of gold

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 1,2019
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Digital Gold: The trading speed of equity with the stability of gold

Gold has always been looked at as a sound and stable investment option by Indian families. Traditionally, gold has been an intrinsic part of our culture, and the purchase of gold marked many auspicious occasions. The concept of Digital Gold has brought the same culture online and effectively marries the stability of investing in gold with the convenience of digital technology.

Digital Gold is a simple, cost-effective and secure way for making an online gold purchase. It allows anyone anywhere to buy gold online, by investing in physical gold but by using digital technology. This method helps overcome several problems that were traditionally attached to purchasing physical, thereby making it one of the smartest ways to invest in digital gold in India.

Safe Investment Option: One of the oldest and most debilitating problems with purchasing physical gold is ensuring its safety, quality and authenticity. Gold is a rather expensive investment, and no one likes to be cheated of their hard earned money. This is often why families in the olden days would keep going back to the same jewellers to make any gold purchases. With gold purchased online, this is no longer a concern. First of all, any digital gold you buy will be backed by certified 24K physical gold. Purchasing online gold means that you can buy and sell gold at the market-linked rates which are uniform throughout the country, using an online platform to make said transactions. Each quantity of gold purchased will be backed by actual physical gold, that is then placed with a trusted Custodian and after careful inspection placed in a vault or storage locker assigned to the digital gold investors.

Ease of Trading: Because gold has always been such a precious commodity, buying and selling physical gold has to be a regulated process. Often times, the problem that would arise with physical gold is that not all dealers would be willing to buy gold that you wanted to sell. More often than not dealers would only want to buy back the gold they sold in the first place. If not, the dealers who would agree to buy gold that was originally sold by someone else will inevitably offer you lower prices, citing that he cannot ensure that quality of the product. Naturally, this puts you at a disadvantage, and often customers who required money for some emergency and were willing to trade their gold for it got the raw end of the bargain. Online gold trading does away with this uncertainty altogether. Gold is available for purchase across several investment platforms like Finserv MARKETS, which allow for a simple 2-click buying process, where you can buy gold in quantities as small or big quantities as you like. When you want to sell any amount of gold, it is a similar 2 step process, after which the whole amount is transferred to your registered bank account within a few hours.

No hassles about storage and documentation: Physical gold, given its high value, needed to be stored in bank vaults or safes, all of which come with expensive and long-term storage costs. Not only that, you will have to go through a horde of paperwork that will come and will have to pay for registration fees, annual charges, service charges, etc. This is not only tiring but also time-consuming, particularly in a world where we are used to everything happening at lightning fast speeds. Digital Gold, however, saves you all these hassles. Once the online gold purchase is complete, it stores your accumulated gold in safe and secured vaults that are provided to the customers at no additional costs. With platforms like Finserv MARKETS, there is no need for any documentation either, thus saving you a lot of precious time and energy.

Digital Gold investment has, therefore, become a very popular investment trend, which combines the stability of physical gold with the convenience of digital mediums. Thus with Digital Gold, you have all the advantages that make gold such a lucrative investment without any of its hassles. Infact, Digital Gold investments combine the stability of physical gold with the convenience of online mediums. Finserv MARKETS is a trusted partner for more than 100 million customers across the country. With online Gold the platform provides a 2-click buying process, without the need for any kind of documentation, making the whole process faster and so much more convenient.

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