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Do you know that you can live on a cruise ship permanently after retirement?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 2,2019
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Do you know that you can live on a cruise ship permanently after retirement


If someone were to ask you what your retirement plans are, what would you say? Perhaps a nice home in the countryside? Or an exotic river cruise vacation you’ve been planning forever? What are the chances you would mention a home on a cruise ship? Nowadays, cruise ships are nothing less than a recreational or adventure theme park. How marvelous would it be if you could get the best of both worlds, quite literally? Imagine if you could spend your retirement life, sailing into the sunset! Well, as it turns out, it is actually possible.

The cruise industry has been on a record-breaking, positive funk – in 2017, it witnessed 25.8 million global ocean cruise passengers—a 4.5% increase over 2016’s previous high of 24.7 million. Cruises have responded to this demand, and have upgraded themselves with luxury services and attractions like sky-diving simulators, biking above the ocean and robotic bartenders, to celebrity chef kitchens, butler service and all-suite staterooms.

Combine the two facts together, and you will realize that more and more people are spending more and more time at cruise ships because they can.

Do you know that you can live on a cruise ship permanently after retirement
It hardly comes as a surprise then, that retirement on a cruise ship is a practical possibility. The concept might still be catching on to the Indian elderly population, those on the brink of retirement and the baby-boomers, but they sure are warming up to the idea.

To a retired person, a cruise presents an ideal mode to forge new friendships, learn new things, get away from the hustle of the work life, and explore the world. What could be more thrilling than sleeping in one country, waking up in another? From the looks of it, this lifestyle makes financial sense too. The New York Times reported that living on a cruise ship, replete with all extravagant indulgences is actually cheaper than living in an assisted home.

Residential cruising is not revolutionary, but now it is becoming mainstream as an effective, cost-curtailing alternative to assisted living. Retiring at sea has a lot of considerations, including health and well being, so it is best to do your research beforehand and plan accordingly. An important aspect of the planning would, of course, be financial planning, so make sure you account for all allied expenses while assessing this option!

If Warren Buffet could start and earn the majority of his massive fortune after the age of 50, it is never too late to start investing wisely.


You can make this retirement dream come true with a prudent investment strategy that gives you returns. Your best bet would be to invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds are an investment mechanism to bring together pools of money from investors, that is the unit holders, who share the same financial goals and risk appetite – and then invest this pool in different securities, whether shares, debt instruments, money market instruments, or a combination of these in a hybrid mutual fund. Such a pool is professionally managed on your behalf, and the risk is distributed across all investors.

Not only this, the risk also gets distributed across the various investments. Since mutual funds invest in a wide range of securities, the risk of getting hit by a possible decline in the value or performance of one security is minimized. This is the benefit of diversification under mutual funds. You also gain from the expertise and services of investment professionals who manage the mutual funds. They have access to crucial information and resources and can effectively trade on the market in a cost-effective manner.

Opening an account to invest in mutual funds online with Finserv MARKETS is a seamless process, possible with just a few clicks. In addition, Finserv MARKETS provide you with financial planning tips, investment advice, and detailed portfolio summaries and insights into the performance of your mutual fund investments. At Finserv MARKETS, you also get to invest in your desired products, in accordance with your risk appetite, without losing money on commissions.

The road to wealth creation is through prudent investments. Divvy up your funds and build a mutual funds portfolio in line with your risk profile. Aim it towards growth and wealth creation. And then prepare to retire luxuriously. Ahoy mate, retire on a cruise ship!

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