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Edible glitter: why do people eat gold?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 26,2019
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Edible glitter: why do people eat gold

Not for the lack of greens, dairy products or meat, or any other form of sustenance, but people are consuming gold. Gold does not have any nutritional value attached to it or even some kind of flavour — it is purely an act of decoration, which otherwise in many contemporary and past gatherings, has been done with silver paper.

The act of munching on gold is said to come from the Middle Ages. According to Dr. Heather Evans, a historian and a food expert, gold was a part of the many decorations that would be laid out to feed the show-appetite for the upper class. This was a glamorous act for the few that had a lot of money.

Mostly, it comes out of a sense of luxury — eating something which is unusually expensive, as there would not be such ingredient which could fill up your plate to give you a bill like a 3-day old pastry coated with $400 worth of gold. At home, you could buy gold online and have it garnish your supper.

Evans goes on to say that it can also be an advertisement strategy to get more customers coming to the restaurant. Everyone, he says, is a little hungry for that sense of luxury. Gold can be used to top almost everything — pizzas only are the most common in this list. The most expensive gold pizza is priced at $400 and is called the Margo’s Pizzeria. People have been trying to find new ways of presenting classic things. Burgers, for example, now come with a gold leaf — another slice to complement those greens.

Since it is easy to buy gold online, restaurants also find it easier to get access to it for their dishes. Restaurants buy gold so that they can serve it on their dishes — a part of fancy gourmet.

Can you eat all gold

No! It is a bad idea even to taste something that gives the impression of gold. According to the Food and Wine blog, edible gold must be 23-24 carats, and not just something you could serve off the jeweler’s shop. An edible gold leaf needs to be 90 percent pure gold. The rest of the 10 percent needs to be constituted of another metal which is graded safe, such as silver.

In a report, Canada’s Maclean’s magazine quotes Toronto food writer Corey Mintz. Corey says that she sees the trend around gold-eating as “an act of inexcusable opulence.” “Eating gold is the absolute height of tastelessness,” Mintz says. “If you find yourself eating gold, just take a moment for self-reflection, you’ll see just what a callous act it is.”

The purity of gold here only make sure that you do not ingest any junk metal in your body. Gold, otherwise, passes off your body as stool. Being chemically inert, it cannot be broken down or digested by the various parts of our digestive system. It flows intact through the entire digestive process and passes off as waste without doing any noticeable effect or harm to the body.

Best way to use gold

While eating gold may be an act of luxury, there are many things that you could do with gold to put it to better use, such as investing in it. Gold has had a history of preserving its value in the market and has shown to be of great importance during the time of inflation when the purchasing power of the currency reduces.

The best way that you can use gold is by buying them and having them saved online so that you can redeem it at the time of need — a better option than having it down your digestive tract. Buying gold online also provides you with much flexibility as your portfolio is on your fingertips.


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