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Here are the 10 most unusual investments you can make - from funding a movie to renting a goat

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 2,2019
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Here are the 10 most unusual investments you can make - from funding a movie to renting a goat


You could be a traditionalist investor and favour predictability, or you can be a risk-seeking investor wishing to be surprised and blown away by the quirky side of investing. If you belong to the latter, the thrill of not knowing where the adventure of investment might take you is what drives you. The interesting bit is that quirky investments don’t always have to come with a huge risk – some opportunities present themselves as a safe option for even the most risk-averse.

Here’s a list of ten unusual investments you can partake in, that don’t adhere to the rules of conventional investing. If you are an investor who rejoices in the discovery phase, read ahead:

  • Funding a movie

How about adding the title of producer to your name? It can be tough to predict whether a movie or documentary will work, critically and/or commercially. On the other hand, if the project you invest in does hit it a nerve with the audiences, then it is likely to pay off in multiples.

Additionally, it is always good to support the art you believe in. The risks are always there; the hardest being the assessment of the fickle tastes of the moviegoers. Sometimes a story resonates with people, at other times it falls flat. On one extreme it can open up doors to a franchise, on the other it could tank the careers of all the artists and technicians involved.

If you want to invest in a traditional investment but in a quirky manner, this is it. We have all been told to invest in gold constantly. Some of the major rituals across communities and religions involve exchange or gifting of gold jewellery. Giving it a millennial twist, you can now invest in digital gold. If you want to escape the trouble of finding authentic gold, holding on to it in safes and lockers, among other security risks, digital gold is your saviour. Finserv MARKETS facilitates buying, selling and delivery of physical gold – all at the click of a button. With the digital gold price being the same across India, you can buy and sell gold at the market-linked rate, with each quantity of gold purchased backed by actual physical gold. With a 2-click buying process facilitated by Finserv MARKETS, there’s no need for documentation when purchasing digital gold.

  • Collectables

This is perhaps just a cliche coming to life: monetizing your hobby.

Sports memorabilia, stamps, coins, antique pocket watches, compasses, crystals, and toys are just some of the things that can be your surprise treasure. Original game designs and antiques can fetch you a good price if auctioned.

  • Comic books

If you love reading comic books, don’t dispose of them after reading them just once. Build a collection. This could be your own secret investment. Missing pages and dogeared pages and broken spines may lower the value of the books, but the thing with rare copies is that their value lies in their under supply. Case in point: a copy of Action Comics No. 1, the very first appearance of Superman, sold on eBay in 2014 for more than 3.2 million USD, which was originally just priced at 10 cents.

  • Rare Books

Books don’t have to be old to be valuable: first editions of classics are worth sums of money. Some first editions of books that have become cults, like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are a treasure. The first book in the Harry Potter series had a small first run in print and a copy in good shape is worth $25,000 or more. Books signed by the authors are also in demand and promise a hefty bounty.

  • Collect Wine

You’ve heard of wine tasting, now it’s time for wine collecting. You will need a sound knowledge of wines and monetarily only the French Bordeaux wines will fetch you enviable sums. The prices of high-end wines have been shooting up insanely, so it is the perfect opportunity to invest in your own collection of wines.

  • Instruments

Are violin strings music to your ears? You might as well invest in them, or buy it off an upcoming musician. In 2000, British pop star George Michael bought the Steinway piano that John Lennon used to compose his hit “Imagine” for $2.08 million.

  • Domain Names

There’s a lot that can be done here: flipping domains, holding domains for appreciation, to parking or developing the name into an income-producing website. One of the keys is finding a website that ranks well in Google’s search results is using a term that is not overly competitive.

  • Buy lean hog commodities

Investing in lean hog and pork bellies futures contracts is actually a thing, and they are one of the best asset classes. You don’t actually deal in the flesh, it is still the cash that exchanges hands, virtually, but the investment goes in a contract on animals’ carcasses, or pork bellies. The pork bellies, or more commonly called bacon, are frozen for extended periods of time and the exchange market offers a futures contract for them, to serve the commercial entities’ purpose of hedging against price risk.

  • Renting a goat

Since we are already talking about absurd animal-related investments, here’s another: renting out goats is another weird but profitable investment. Livestock commodities trade is not where the thrill ends – you could buy a Rent a Goat franchise and start with 100 goats. The business uses goats as cost-effective, eco-friendly weed removal. That’s how you earn the bucks.

Times change, and with them, the investment modes do too. You can now get gold delivered to your residence, at the click of a button at current market-linked prices. There are plenty of other quirky investment options to choose from. When you feel adventurous, go ahead and buy that rare paperback, or guitar, and who knows it might swell your bank account some day.

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