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Money and Mahatma: 5 financial lessons from the Father of the Nation

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 15,2019
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Money and Mahatma: 5 financial lessons from the Father of the Nation

Mahatma Gandhi is renowned globally for his non-violent methods of ensuring freedom and justice for the people of India. Our country’s independence is indebted largely to his satyagraha movement. The scientist Albert Einstein once remarked about him, “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.” Such was the esteem with which Gandhi was treated, by the global community as a whole.

Mahatma Gandhi, lovingly called the Father of the Nation, had several principles that he himself lived by and extolled his followers to observe as well. For instance, the Mahatma’s ideas on the Swadeshi Movement and using Indian products show that he espoused the principles of economic self-sufficiency. He understood the need to invest and establish factories that could lead to growth for Indian goods and the economy as a whole.

Investment is necessary for growth. This is a crucial lesson generally held commonplace in the world of mutual funds, where a diversified portfolio is invested in to generate a substantial corpus over a period of time. While there are several types of mutual funds, denoted on the basis of the type of securities they majorly invest in, the best mutual funds include a balanced mix of the major types of securities, namely equity and debt. When you invest in mutual funds on Finserv MARKETS, you can choose to invest in Hybrid Funds which invest in both equity and debt securities but differ in allocation on the basis of the investors’ risk appetites. These online mutual funds have brought in a new level of transparency as well as convenience to trading in mutual funds.

Similarly, many other principles espoused by Gandhi can be emulated in the financial world as well. Read on to learn of the best lessons that the Father of the Nation shared, which can help reap great profits financially.

1.“Think Long Term”:

Each of the movements started by Gandhi, including the Swadeshi Movement and the Non-Cooperation Movement, did not yield immediate results. However, viewed over a longer time frame, they all together achieved the ultimate result of guaranteeing India’s freedom. Similarly, it is important to think long-term while investing. The best mutual funds advise investing over at least a five year period to ensure substantial returns. This is because when you invest over a longer time period, your fund is not disturbed by the frequent market fluctuations and is able to level out the turbulence. When you invest in online mutual funds, such as through Finserv MARKETS, you can view market fluctuations in real-time and keep an eye over your returns as well. However, it is important to not worry about short-term dips in the market and hold onto the fund for a longer period of time. The best mutual funds will usually be able to generate high returns over a longer time frame.

2.“An Ounce of Practice is Worth a Pound of Preaching”:

Gandhi disliked spending too much talking about plans and preferred implementing them in practice. This is good advice, especially in the financial world, where it is important to begin investing at the earliest. It is easy to defer, saying that you can always invest once you accumulate a certain corpus; but it is necessary to begin investing with whatever little amount you have in order to ensure the best returns over a longer period.

3.“Live as if You were to Die Tomorrow, Learn as if You were to Live Forever”:

Gandhi suggested the importance of living each and every moment as if it were your last, but also stressed on the necessity of staying curious and gathering knowledge. This is true of the financial markets as well, where it is important to learn about the market in depth rather than taking decisions based on short-term fluctuations.

4.“The World has Enough for Everyone’s Needs, but Not Everyone’s Greed”:

A popular saying of Gandhi’s, this quote emphasises on the need to exercise caution. While favourable market conditions might tempt investors into pooling in more of their resources in a certain fund, it is necessary to understand the market conditions in depth before hastily investing.

5.“Mental Strength Matters a Lot More than Skill and Talent”:

While skill and talent is a must for making investment decisions, a calm and composed mind can work greater wonders. It may seem better to give into panic and sell off your stocks when the market conditions look like they are going to slump, but it is essential to hold onto your investment for the long term to ensure the best results.

The Father of the Nation had a lot of lessons that people benefitted from, and even today, his teachings continue to illuminate and guide thousands of people around the world. Investing requires guidelines that the Mahatma’s teachings could certainly enhance. The best mutual funds involve investing over long periods of time and ensuring that requires investors to be patient and calm while taking investment decisions. Online mutual funds on Finserv MARKETS allow investors to keep a vigilant eye on their returns, but it is important to recognise the types of mutual funds that will generate the highest returns and continue investing steadily. While different types of mutual funds will guarantee different results, the best mutual funds will always cater to an investor’s individual requirements.

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