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Shades of grey - 5 ways your 60's are the most romantic years of your life.

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 15,2019
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Shades of grey - 5 ways your 60's are the most romantic years of your life.

Love is what makes the world go round, and romance does not stop with age. In fact, global researchers have concluded that a majority of the people in their 60’s have a current romantic partner. According to psychologists, 60’s could well be the most romantic years of your life as couples tend to appreciate the small gestures in love, and have a more tolerant attitude. Most couples in their 60’s rarely have misgivings towards their partners and are content with their romantic lives, say, psychologists. The golden years of your life can easily be the time when you find the true meaning of companionship and love.

You must, however, remember that the golden years of your life comes with the added responsibility of having a secure financial plan. The advent of government social security schemes like the National Pension Scheme has provided considerable financial security for people in their post-retirement years. Investing in the NPS provides you with higher returns vis-à-vis other fixed income schemes. Open to all resident citizens of India, between the age bracket from 18 to 65 years, the National Pension Scheme invests your contributions in various market-linked funds like debts and equities. The final pension amount depends upon the performance of your investment.

You can now easily invest in the NPS on Finserv MARKETS. Here, you can avail considerable flexibility is selecting from a wide range of investment options along with the freedom to choose your fund manager. If you are not happy, you can switch between the investment options and fund managers.

After having secured your finances, you can spend more time with your partner, and see the romance blossom and grow. Here is a list of five reasons why 60’s can easily be the most romantic years of your life.

1.More time for each other

After the gruelling decades of work, 60’s are the perfect years to relax and spend more time with your partner. You can choose to spice up things by going out for meals, travelling to exotic locales, or simply cozy up on the couch and watch movies on TV.

2.Best time for a new hobby

If you wanted to pick up a hobby with your partner, but simply couldn’t because of work, then 60’s are the perfect time. Be it cooking, yoga class, learning musical instruments or cycling, you can explore new ideas together. The new hobbies can kindle romance in your golden years.

3.Benefit of wisdom and experience

60’s can well be the best years for romance as you are wiser from the experiences in life. As compared to younger people, you and your partner are bound have to better communicate with each other, along with more honesty, respect and mutual admiration. Considering your age, you are better qualified for romance with these qualities as compared to others.

4.60’s are the years to celebrate togetherness

After having spent decades witnessing the ups and downs of life with your partner, 60’s are just the perfect time to cement your bond and celebrate togetherness. This is the perfect time for you to acknowledge the contribution of your partner in shaping your life. You can reward your partner with small gestures like an impromptu gift of flowers or a romantic weekend together.

5.Financial freedom

60’s are the years when most of you would have fulfilled the societal duties, including providing for the needs of your children and paying off all your debts. Now even as you have only your partner at home, you can use the finances for those activities which were on your bucket list for a long time. You can take a road trip with your partner or plan a couple’s retreat.

You must have a financial plan for your 60’s, if you want to transform these golden years into the most romantic years of your life. Thanks to the National Pension Scheme, you can avail a host of benefits, including receiving monthly pensions. Other benefits of the NPS are as follows:

  • Higher returns

A key benefit of the NPS is higher returns, ranging from 8% to 10%. It provides higher returns than convention instruments like the PPF

  • Safe investment

Another key benefit of the NPS is that despite equity exposure, it is safe from market volatility.

  • Tax-saving instrument

If you invest in the NPS, you can claim a tax deduction up to Rs 1.5 lakh for your contribution as well as the contribution of the employer under the relevant sections of the Income Tax Act.


The NPS can be a viable financial plan for you in the post-retirement years. You can invest in the NPS on Finserv MARKETS by opening an online account with minimal documentation. Along with hassle-free subscription, the investment here comes with complete transparency and zero hidden costs.

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