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Student for life: 5 ways you can upskill yourself independent of age

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 15,2019
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Student for life: 5 ways you can upskill yourself independent of age

33 year old Suchi didn’t leave her job when she was on a maternity break. However, she missed out on her learning along with the team while she was away. Her team was introduced to new technologies such as machine learning, and when she resumed work, she couldn’t keep abreast with her team. She then enrolled for a month-long flexible course on Coursera that helped her improve her skills and quickly catch up with the pace of her team.

In a fast paced and dynamic work environment, and advancement of technology and business models, investing in relevant skills and upskilling has become crucial regardless of age, even if you weren’t on a sabbatical. For instance, the advent of Fintech companies like Finserv MARKETS allows the investors the convenience to self-educate on investment avenues in a choppy and volatile market environment, in order to help them make informed decisions. Here are 5 ways in which you can upskill yourself independent of age:

Pick up new languages

Learning a new language or two is an important asset in this globalised era. Being able to converse, read and write fluently in a foreign language is a soft skill that shall stand out in your resume and open up new multilingual opportunities – both at home and abroad. Speaking a new language is regarded as a special skill by most businesses today who need to communicate with foreign clients of different nationalities. Exclusive roles such as language interpreters and instructors are also attracting greater demand and much higher pay cheques.

Become social media savvy

In today’s changing times, social media presence is a necessity, so that you don’t miss out on any updates related to your topics of interest. From job opportunities to networking prospects, everything of your interest is constantly posted and updated on social media networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from following updates on areas of your interest, you can also participate in discussions of various forums and groups of your interest, and build a considerable social media presence to get noticed by current or future businesses. Polish your CV and social media profiles with those new skills that you have learnt.


Begin to research on your area of interest by reading up on related news and opinion pieces. Follow other bloggers pertaining to your area of interest and chosen topics. Once you start writing, explore blogging tips that can get your blog contents noticed, and there are plenty of sources in the form of webinars and podcasts to help you with such tips. Writing blogs regularly helps you produce a corpus of your own work by building upon existing body of knowledge on your research area. With your online portfolio, you may slowly start to impress any prospective recruiters who’d wish to hire.

Keep track of webinars, podcasts and live events

Of late, reading and learning is seen as a laborious job. In the age of internet, people are addicted to watching and listening, instead of reading. Webinars and podcasts such as TED Talks are fantastic because you can learn so much endlessly from the convenience of your home by listening to their recordings. The internet is flooded with webinars and podcasts on literally every subject that you may want to listen, but it is better to narrow down by asking around for recommended websites that feature webinars and podcasts.

Tracking live events like book discussions, and conferences is another way of honing one’s skills and areas of interest. However, attending live events may incur some travel time and money, but you’ll reap the dual benefits of a face-to -face teaching experience and networking with new people. Making notes of expert talks during these events is a great way to learn from them and build your own repertoire.

Learn specialised skills in Finance

Increased automation with the rise of Fintech has changed the game in the financial services sector, like in all other industries. What used to take several levels of human intervention is now possible with a single click of a button. Fintech companies are additionally relying on models that outsource a large part of their work like data crunching to technology. What was done traditionally is now being automated using technology by Fintech Companies. However, the flipside to this Fintech revolution is that people and professionals have the larger task of making informed and judicious decisions using this data. This shall require them to adapt and upskill themselves to be able to work with these technologies for maximum value extraction.

Learning specialised skills like IFRS for accounting, and financial services skills like Equity Research, Investment banking, etc.through e-learning platforms such as IFRS, NSE, etc.is an essential part to upskill oneself to stay relevant in the fintech revolution. Along with learning, practicing these skills like investing in mutual funds, tracking the economy and market trends is important to build knowledge and credibility for yourself. Online platforms such as Finserv MARKETS have made investing in mutual funds quite seamless with few button clicks. Online mutual fund investment is perfect for the market and those interested in researching in investing.

At Finserv MARKETS, you can open an online account quickly and follow the financial tips and use your skills to start investing in mutual funds of your choice without losing money on brokerage and commissions. At Finserv MARKETS, you can choose from a basket of top rated mutual funds ranging from equities and debt to hybrid that suit your risk appetite. An Online mutual fund account facilitates portfolio insights and regular review of performance of these top rated mutual funds. Apart from the higher fund value returns, online investment in top rated mutual funds helps in diversification of risk and caters to financial/investment goals. Online mutual fund investment is an open-ended scheme that allows for quick withdrawals and can be encashed easily. Investors can also avail tax benefits of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs on ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes) under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

To sum up, whether you are in search of a new job or a complete career switch, or even a promotion, the probability of achieving success and boosting your career trajectory is surely higher if you follow these five effective methods. These methods ensure continuous self-development and greater visibility of your profile to potential recruiters.

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