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What is the outlook for gold as an investment 100 years from today?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 2,2019
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Gold. This soft yellow metal is holding together the entire countries’ monetary systems. Gold has historically, culturally and financially been an important element. It has also been an investment vehicle for a long time now. But why do people invest in gold?

It pays off in the long-run

Here’s the thing: gold is a highly liquid asset, financially speaking. But it is scarce, which makes it a luxury good as much as it is an investment. Thus, it becomes a fundamental part of any investment portfolio, especially when it comes to diversification for mitigation of potential losses. Especially during turbulent times for the market, it serves as a hedge against inflation and currency risk. You’ll find that the strongest of currency has waned in comparison to the value of gold.

To sum it up,

  • Gold is one of the most effective diversification tools in an investment portfolio
  • Gold provides competitive returns compared to other major financial assets
  • Over time, currencies tend to fall in value against gold.

All of these features of gold as an investment vehicle point to one fact – that adding gold to your portfolio can boost risk-adjusted returns.

How has gold performed historically?

When evaluating the performance of gold as an investment over the long term, it really depends on the time period being analyzed. For example, over a 45-year period gold has outperformed stocks and bonds, while over a 30-year period, stocks and bonds have outperformed gold and over a 15-year period, gold has outperformed stocks and bonds.

To bring a different dimension to this narrative, if we see how gold fares in comparison to oil, gold has performed remarkably. The price of crude oil has fluctuated significantly – at one point dropping over 50% in 2015 – while the price of gold is down only marginally.

What will the investment outlook be in 100 years?

The future of investing in gold is bright. Parking your wealth in gold is a great approach to building wealth and protecting your savings. Even as economies and currencies continue on a downward spiral the price and value of gold will increase over time.

Thus, if you are considering investing in gold with a wealth-creation or financial growth perspective, then you should have long-term view because gold prices usually move in spurts. This means that when equity is doing well in the market, gold prices may not make it seem like this is an attractive proposition, but that is when you should bet on it when it is priced low.

And this trend – of looking at gold as a source of return – has been palpable through the years. Research from World Gold Council shows that investors rely on gold during periods of market uncertainty, when inflation rises or when the stock market tumbles. This pushes demand and prices in the short- and medium-term. In the long-run, however, gold is driven by positive income growth, which is great news in the light of an expanding global middle class with higher disposable incomes.

Overall, you can count on the performance of gold:

What is the outlook for gold as an investment 100 years from today?


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