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5 new technologies that will impact two-wheelers in the next five years

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 26,2019
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5 new technologies that will impact two-wheelers in the next five years at Finserv MARKETS

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Most of the tech innovation that we hear about in the automotive industry seems to happen in the four-wheeler segment. It is true that the automotive industry has focused most of its research and development on cars because there is more room for innovation. However, it is incorrect to assume that two-wheelers lag behind in technology innovation because we do not see them more often.

Small steps and gradual advancement in technology is what makes the high-end performance bikes we see today so incredibly superior in every aspect than their predecessors. In addition, yes, these technology advancements, though in small amounts, have trickled down to low-capacity scooters and motorcycles too.

For instance, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) was almost unheard of, at least in India, a few years ago. However, now the Indian government has made it mandatory for all two-wheelers sold after April 1, 2019, to be fitted with a combined braking system (CBS) for two-wheelers below 125cc and ABS for that above 125cc. Therefore, this is how fast things are moving when it comes to technology adoption in India and worldwide.

From new generation electric scooters, Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), fast charging and long-lasting batteries, adjustable headlamps, new fuel injection technology, two-wheeler technology has grown tremendously in the last few years.

Given below are the 5 latest technologies.

  • Fuel Injection Technology
  • Slipper Clutch
  • Ride-By-Wire
  • Traction Control
  • Internet of Things Enabled Two Wheelers (IoT)

Fuel Injection Technology

Fuel injection technology revolutionized the fuel efficiency and performance of cars in the last two decades. Finally, two-wheeler development and research caught up with this technology a few years ago and now we have a few motorcycles using this new technology. The advantage of fuel injection over carburetor is that it is more eco-friendly and it helps in efficient burning of fuel which improves fuel efficiency.

Fuel injection technology get rids of starting problem in extreme cold weather and performance issues in varying terrain and altitudes, which were common with carburetors. We expect that within the next 3-5 years, almost all bikes manufactured in India will use fuel injection technology instead of carburetors.

Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch is a new technology in motorcycles that have been used as a selling point by manufacturers in performance bikes. A slipper clutch prevents high revving bikes from losing traction or shaking when slowing down suddenly. It also protects the gearbox when you have to downshift more than one gear at a time, which is normally not advised if your motorcycle is not equipped with a slipper clutch. Indian bikes such as the Bajaj’s Dominar 400 come with slipper clutches and many two-wheeler manufacturers are now integrating this technology, especially in the below 400cc segment.

Bikes with the latest technology such as slipper clutch, ABS and fuel injection technology among others come with a premium price tag, mostly between Rs.90,000-2,50,000. At Finserv MARKETS, you can apply for a two wheeler loan and bring your dream bike or scooter home as early as possible with fast two wheeler loan approval and processing.


Ironically, ride-by-wire (RBW) technology does not use a wire or cable to accelerate the vehicle but a sophisticated electronic system to do the job. Most high-performance and high-end bikes are fitted with RBW but now mid-level performance motorcycles such as the KTM 390 Duke features it as well. RBW uses an ECU, sensors and actuators to control air and fuel supply to the engine thus achieving better fuel efficiency and superior engine performance.

Traction Control

Traction control technology was first used in superbikes and is still found mostly in high-end motorcycles. This tech is in its early stages of development in two-wheelers and it brings greater control and safety to bike riders. Traction control prevents the rear wheel from drifting which can lead to skidding and serious accidents. It achieves control of the rear tyres by manipulating the rotational speed of the rear wheel. This technology is now also being integrated into Indian two-wheelers.

Internet of Things Enabled Two Wheelers (IoT)

IoT-enabled scooters and rideshare are already making waves in India. A start-up in Bangalore offers IoT-enable scooters that commuters can pick up from the desired location and then leave it there after they reach their destination. Customers pay online through an app and pick up the scooter from the nearest destination and enter the OTP to get the key. Once the ride is completed, the user can just plug the key back into the scooter. Such type of technology is surely going to become commonplace in bigger Indian cities in 3-5 years.

New breakthrough automotive technology is mainly focused on efficiency, safety and comfort. As these new technologies evolve and costs of production and integration are reduced it rapidly becomes part of the mainstream or conventional technology. The technological innovation that we see now and in the near future for two-wheelers is refreshing after years of the status quo.

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