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5 Ways in Which the Real Estate Industry May Change in the Next 3 Years

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 3,2019
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Real Estate Industry May Change in the Next 3 Years

Technology is rapidly changing the service and business industries and the real estate sector is no exception as it has embraced the advancements with open arms. Today, technology has made it simpler for buyers and sellers to communicate and conduct their businesses.

Now, buyers do not even have to visit a plot to buy it as the entire process of finding and purchasing properties can be done online. The sellers, too, can reach their targeted customers easily. Technological developments can be of further benefit to the industry in many ways still and are likely to transform the sector in the next few years.

So, this is a great time to consider opting for a home loan as even buying a new house has become easier. Explained below are five ways in which technology will transform the real estate sector in the near future.

1. New tools to organize information

In the last couple of years, many tools have been introduced in the real estate industry. These tools help customers and service providers alike to gather and organize information about properties with relative ease. Sellers and agents can now use service-related software to understand the investors better and offer curated services. Homebuyers, too, are benefitting from such tools as these have made the entire process of finding properties easier and time-saving.

It can be expected that these tools will become even more effective over the next few years. This will surely make the real estate sector more customer-friendly. With these developments, you can acquire a Bajaj Finance Home Loan without any worry of finding the right property.

2. Blockchain will become more powerful

Blockchain technology is a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a bunch of computers, it’s not owned by any single entity. Each of these blocks of data is secured and is bounded to each other using cryptographic principles. Blockchain technology has come as a blessing for the real estate sector. It allows fast and secure transaction of money. With the help of this technology, transactions of higher amounts can be made in a matter of seconds. Blockchain is a powerful tool and is being further developed to increase its affectability. It can be expected that the technology will become more user-friendly, which is the key to mass adaptation. This will transform the industry. However, for Blockchain to become a more integrated part of the real estate industry, more people need to start using it..

3. Agents will become obsolete

For the longest time, agents have been a vital part of the real estate industry. Buyers and sellers both use the services of an agent for various reasons. These services do not come cheap and are an added cost for sellers and buyers. Nonetheless, the involvement of technology is making it possible to operate without the support of an agent today. Now, buyers can easily find a suitable house online, while the sellers can directly make their sale. To buy your dream house, all you need to do is spend a few minutes on your phone or computer, get a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan, and move into your new home.

4. Buying the property without visiting

3D Virtual Reality programs have been a game-changer in the real estate industry. Gone are those days when you had to visit a property multiple times before buying it. Now, you can use these programs to look around the property right from your home and make a quick decision.

5. Introduction of rental applications

If you are thinking about renting a house, you can enjoy the advantages of new technology. With these tools, you can quickly find properties for rent and communicate with the owner directly. These tools will become even more effective in the future.

With technological advancements, ease in the availability of loans, and options of prepayment of home loan, the real estate industry is expected to revive in no time.

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