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5 Ways to Get Money for the Holidays

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 23,2019
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5 Ways to Earn Extra Money

A holiday or a festive season can be stressful if you have a negative bank balance. The expenses can pile up in no time and have you grappling at straws to make ends meet. That is precisely where some tips to get extra cash can come in handy to tide you over the holiday period.

How exactly can you get money for the holidays without resorting to any extreme measures?

Tips to Getting Quick Money for Holidays

Although it is difficult to not be hard pressed for cash during the holiday season, there are some sure-fire ways for you to generate some extra income to make the season brighter.

Here are a few handy tips for carrying you through and giving you the confidence of facing the booming holiday expenses.

Take up a Part-Time Job

The good news is that there are many opportunities out there nowadays for work-at-home jobs or part-time jobs that can earn you a little extra, especially during the holiday time. Whether it is data entry or simple back-office work, use your educational qualifications and technical skills to good effect to earn some extra rupees. Being resourceful can take you a long way and give you that little boost in income that you’ve been craving for.

Utilize Credit Cards Effectively

It may sound counter-productive, but you can use your credit card to your advantage in terms of adjusting some extra money for the holidays.

If you have never had a credit card, now may be a good time to invest in one. Banks and financial institutions have great offers for first-time applicants, especially for those affiliated with your bank. There may be a gift card or cashback coupon you can use.

If you are a long-time credit card user, a bit of forethought and planning can help you purchase the goodies you need for the holidays. All you need to do is to purchase the items that you need a few months early and pay it off on time so you do not pile up the expenses at the last minute.

Personal Loans May Be the Way to Go

There is nothing wrong with taking out a small personal loan for some much-needed money for the holidays.  You can easily secure a personal loan from your bank without much fuss. If you already have a home or auto loan with them, most of the time, they will not even check your credit score before sanctioning a personal loan.

Pawn Shops and Second-Hand Markets May Save the Day

If there are some items on your shelf or in your cupboards that are in good condition but are of no value to you, you could always consider selling them for a little holiday cheer. Things you could sell include old books, antiques, and valuable stamps or coins. A few online portals allow you to exchange old items for new ones for some cash back or discounts.

Be Street-Smart and Earn Some Extra Money for the Holidays

The holidays are definitely tension-filled for those running from one paycheck to the next. However, you can still ensure that you do not shortchange your family of any festive cheer by considering some of the options mentioned above.  Be smart and channel your funds wisely to get the right returns for the holidays so you can enjoy your time without worrying endlessly about money.

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