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6 countries to explore by renting a car and driving cross-country

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 26,2019
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6 countries to explore by renting a car and driving cross-country

Some people go to extremes to get their name in the record book which is soon wiped out by another guy beating that record. The same happened to this guy who travelled 12 countries across Europe in 24 hours. In his own words, he says that it was a rather meaningless feat but nonetheless the best 24 hours of his life.

You may think that’s impossible but it’s not farther than travelling from New Delhi to Guwahati by road. However, what’s amazing is not the distance he covered but the speed at which he covered the distance. According to his journal, this traveller covered 1145 miles or 1842 km in 19 hours 40 minutes. The fact that most countries in the European Union (EU) shares open borders made things easier for him. But the incredible thing is that this guy clocked an average speed of approx. 94 kmph to cross 12 countries. Do you think it’s possible in the Indian subcontinent? Even more incredible is the fact that another guy came around and he conquered 17 countries in 24 hours to beat the previous record. Phew!

We don’t suggest you go to such extremes while travelling to Europe because it’s better and safer to enjoy a road trip in a relaxed way. What we suggest is that you should consider a Bajaj Finserv travel loan on Finserv MARKETS for your Europe holiday. You can apply for a travel loan just a few days before departure at Finserv MARKETS and expect the money in your account within 24 hours. There is no tedious paperwork involved since you can apply the loan online with minimum travel loan documents.

It goes without saying that nothing can beat the experience of self-driving a car across six countries in Europe. So, here we present the best itinerary for self-driving across Europe as recommended by Euro travel experts.

Self-driving across 6 European countries in a rented car

Before you rent a car to drive or even before you travel to Europe for the holiday, make sure that you have a valid driver’s licence. Some rental companies and countries may require you to carry an international driver’s licence to drive a car in Europe. If you are planning to hire a driver, it’s going to cost you additional euros.

The Itinerary

The itinerary is taken from a real-life traveller who travelled with his family from Romania to England, involving six European countries.

Day 1 – Driving from Romania to Hungary – Start from Breb Maramures in Romania and take the south-west road to Hungary. After you reach Hungary to find a dining place and a hotel to spend the night and explore the Hortobagy National Park, which apart from wild animals has a luxurious swimming pool and thermal spa.

Hortobagy National Park, Hungary is 240 km from Breb Maramures, Romania and takes approximately 4 hours. You need to buy a vignette, a sticker to be stuck on cars when you travel through Romania. It costs Rs.400 per week. Not using them will invite heavy fines.

Total distance: 240 km

Day 2 – Spend some time in Hungary at the Hortobagy National Park and take the Mata Stud horsemanship and antique breed tour, which is fascinating. Drive to the shores of Lake Balaton, Hungary’s inland sea and a popular vacation destination.

Day 3 – Driving from Hungary to Slovenia – Book an Airbnb apartment among the vineyards in Slovenia and enjoy free-flowing wine. Take a trip to the northern Slovenian wineries.

Total distance: 280 km

Day 4 –Visit the beautiful town of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Day 5– Drive to the famous and stunning Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

Day 6 – Drive from Prase, Slovenia via Venice to Monza, Italy – Explore the markets and by-lanes of Venice in a water taxi.

Total distance: 504 km

Day 7 – Drive from Monza, Italy to France via the Mont Blanc tunnel

Mont Blanc is totally spectacular and don’t miss to drive on the road tunnel that passes through Mont Blanc, Europe’s tallest mountain that lies between Italy and France. The entire place is awe-inspiring because it combines the splendour of nature with the marvel of engineering. However, using the Mont Blanc tunnel or for that matter driving in Italy is hugely expensive because of the toll charges and the fuel prices.

In a foreign destination holiday or a road trip across Europe, unexpected expenses and extra charges are inevitable. That’s why it’s a good idea to have extra funds before you reach there. You can take a Bajaj Finserv travel loan at attractive interest rates and pay in easy EMIs up to 60 months. You need minimum travel loan documents to apply for a travel loan online.

Day 8 – Drive to North of Paris – Spend a great time at Parc Asterix, one of the best theme parks in France.

Day 9- Drive from Paris to London

Total distance: 460 km

Total cost of fuel for a distance of 2200 km: Rs. 17,500

Travelling from Paris to London can be hectic so take some rest before you do that. Apart from these, there are several countries that can be travelled across Europe, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa. If the only thing that stops you from an exhilarating road trip across countries is the lack of funds, consider a Bajaj Finserv travel loan with superfast processing, flexible EMIs and minimum travel loan documents to fulfil your much-awaited dream this year.

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