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7 maintenance tips to increase your two-wheeler's longevity

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 26,2019
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We all want our two-wheelers to serve us well, run smoothly, be affordable to maintain, and have a long-life. But that doesn’t happen automatically because no manufacturer can create a machine that always works on optimum level without maintenance. However, the trick is pretty simple; you just need to take care of the basics and be consistent in doing those things.

Like the human body, each component of the two-wheeler has its own crucial role to play and we have to take care of them so it performs on an optimum level and serves us for a long time. With regular maintenance and careful driving, your two-wheeler can easily last 10-15 years. Well, if you think your two-wheeler has stuck long enough, you can always take a Bajaj Finserv two wheeler loan available on Finserv MARKETS at attractive two wheeler loan interest rates and grab the latest model from a nearby showroom.

But if you think there’s still more life left in your ride.

Follow these 7 simple maintenance tips to improve performance and extend your two-wheeler’s longevity.

Engine Oil

You must have heard the phrase ‘a well-oiled engine’ which refers to everything that works smoothly and efficiently. For two-wheelers, this phrase has a literal significance. Engine oil is crucial to the smooth working of the two-wheeler as it creates lubrication in the engine components and protects the engine from wear and tear. The other function of engine oil is to cool down and to clean the parts of the engine. For the engine oil to be effective, proper viscosity must be maintained which is achieved through periodic and timely oil changes.


Most two-wheeler batteries today are maintenance free so you don’t have to do much. However, if you are not careful, your bike battery may give up on you earlier than you expected. To extend battery life, you should take care of a few things. One of the most important things is to keep your two-wheeler under some sort of shade or cover. You may be surprised to know that extremely high temperature is more damaging to your two-wheeler’s battery than cold temperatures. At higher temperatures batteries tend to self-discharge and eventually go flat.

Shield your two-wheeler from extreme temperatures whether its summer, winter or monsoon. Even if your battery is maintenance free, check periodically for build-up of grime, dust and corrosion in the terminals.


There’s no fire without a spark and that goes very true for your two-wheeler. A well-maintained spark plug not only ensures smooth ignition but is crucial to engine performance. If there is a problem with your spark plug, you will have difficulty starting your two-wheeler and you will experience reduced power and mileage.

Periodic cleaning of the spark plug is important and highly recommended. Look for accumulation of grime, dust and carbon particles on the electrodes. You also need to check if there is a sufficient gap between the electrodes in your spark plug using a thin wire. If you want to ensure optimum engine performance, increase mileage, and avoid sputtering and overheating, make sure your spark plug is performing at its best.


Whether your two-wheeler uses disc brakes or drum brakes or both, check them regularly. You have to ensure that there is adequate brake fluid for the brakes to work well. If your two-wheeler uses drum brakes, you have to be extra careful and regularly check the brake pads. Make sure that the brake pads are not grating with the wheels and causing too much friction and heat. This can reduce the tyre life of your two-wheeler.

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Drive chain

Your motorcycle’s chain is one of the most important components and goes through a lot of beating, yet it is one of the most neglected. It has to handle heat, dirt, water, mud, dust and all the things that the road throws at it. To ensure a long chain life, make sure that your motorcycle’s chain is clean and well-lubricated, as well as properly tightened.

A loose, dirty or stiff drive chain can lead to loss of power and fuel efficiency while putting your engine through undue stress leading to a shortened lifespan for your two-wheeler. An ill-maintained chain can also damage the sprockets, which is quite expensive to replace.

Air Filter

An air filter feeds the engine with clean air but when it’s clogged with dust, dirt and grime, it can’t work efficiently. As the engine needs oxygen to burn fuel and generate torque (power), the presence of dust and dirt can interfere in the combustion process. If dust and sand enters the engine it can also damage the piston. Therefore, ensure that your two-wheeler’s air filter is regularly changed and clean. If you are not the do-it-yourself (DIY) type, ensure that your service center takes care of all these things during periodic maintenance or servicing.

Driving Behaviour

Finally, remember the following things while driving to extend your two-wheeler’s life, experience optimum performance and better fuel efficiency:

  • Avoid frequent change of gears
  • Avoid sudden acceleration and braking
  • Maintain constant or consistent speed while riding
  • Go for timely servicing
  • Don’t ride rashly

Following these simple tips will ensure that you have a great riding experience and enjoy the perks of owning a two-wheeler for a long time. If you are planning to buy a two-wheeler this year, Finserv MARKETS can help you own one with the best bike loan interest rates. Apply for a two-wheeler loan online with a few clicks and get instant approval with minimum documentation.

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