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7 wedding emergencies you should prepare for in advance

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 12,2019
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7 wedding emergencies you should prepare for in advance


7 wedding emergencies you should prepare for in advance-

You’ve probably dreamed of your wedding day, till you finally say ‘I do’, haven’t you? The last few months before your wedding are usually the most frantic, with tons of preparations pertaining to invites, fixing the venue, the wedding attire and of course, coordinating with all your family and friends arriving at the destination for your wedding; and making arrangements for their accommodation.

However, even the best-laid plans can go wrong. You must plan for everything in order to avoid accidents on your big day. Your wedding day is dedicated to celebrating the rest of your life, and it is essential that you are not forced to run helter skelter on that day to douse any unexpected fires. Involve your family in the planning, ask your friends who are married for advice on what could go wrong or about their contingency plans. Almost everybody will have advice to chip in, make sure you note them down and work out a program keeping everything in mind.

Weddings are expensive affairs, and you must start planning several months earlier in order to have everything in place before the biggest day of your life dawns. Your wedding is the day you’ve been planning for your whole life and if funds appear to be a hindrance, opt for a personal loan on Finserv MARKETS which provides loan amounts up to Rs. 25 lakh and will be disbursed to your account within 24 hours of your application. The Marriage loan eligibility criteria is simple and is open to anybody between the ages of 23 to 58, who is drawing a salary.

Despite the best planning, unexpected emergencies can occur which you should prepare for well in advance. To get an idea of the things that can go wrong and how you should prepare for them, scroll below to read through the list.

1.Your dress has a tear:

The dress you have been admiring and dreaming of wearing for months now has a tear that you only discover on the morning of your wedding day. Though you have been dieting for months and can finally fit into the dress and look absolutely stunning, the tear was definitely unexpected. Don’t fret, instead keep a sewing kit handy. Either sew it up yourself or ask somebody who’s handy with a needle and thread to do it for you. Of course this only works for small tears and not gigantic rips, so best would be to store your dress in a safe space where no nails are likely to run into it and damage it.

2.Unexpected guests show up:

Ensure that all your guests RSVP days before your wedding, so you can arrange appropriate accommodation for everybody flying in for your special day. However, it is extremely possible, not to mention likely, that your wedding might see a few more guests in attendance than you were prepared for. Maybe some distant aunt decided to fly in at the last minute, whatever the reason may be, you are duty bound to accommodate unannounced guests. As such, it is best to keep a few empty rooms handy while booking accommodation since you never know when they might come in handy. Marriage loans, available on Finserv MARKETS, allow for an online portal where you can check how much of your loan amount has already been withdrawn and how much is still left; allowing you to take a final call on how much you are willing to spend on extra rooms for guests who haven’t confirmed yet.

3.Not keeping aside enough time to get ready:

Your wedding day is a day people will remember for months and probably years to come. It is also the most important day of your life, since this is one you have been dreaming of for years, so naturally, you want to look your best. However, in all the excitement of the day to come, there is a chance that you might forget to leave aside enough time to dress up and look glorious. Dressing up in a hurry will not only leave you feeling flustered, but will also ruin all the fun!

4.Your beauty preparations from the previous day are completely ruined:

Ideally, pedicures and manicures are usually done a day in advance to the wedding day itself. If you wake up on your wedding day to find even a nail chipped, it can be pretty unsettling. Carry Q-tips, nail polish remover as well as a nail filer to ensure any last minute nail emergencies can be dealt with professionally, and in as little time as possible.

5.Your wedding was to happen outdoors, and it’s raining mercilessly:

An outdoor wedding is an event that is planned meticulously, but a consideration that is often left out is preparing for unexpected weather! Heavy showers on your wedding day can often turn into a dampener, which is why you need to set up an awning or at least have one handy, in case it decides to pour. If you have made no such arrangements, you might end up cramming all your guests into a single wedding hall that may be too small to accommodate everybody, leaving everybody with a very suffocated memory of your wedding day.

6.Guests’ children won’t behave:

Children running and screaming around your wedding party could turn into quite a nuisance, if there are too many of them. Prepare in advance for a situation like this, by setting up a children’s corner with some lego bricks or crayons and paper to keep active children occupied during the ceremony and afterwards. Hire a babysitter to ensure that your guests don’t have to keep checking in on their kids. This might make you spend a little more, but that’s what your marriage loan from Finserv MARKETS is for. The expenditure will be worth the joy of all your guests, including their children, having a great time and remembering your wedding with a smile for years to come!

7.You are sick on your wedding day:

This is probably the worst kind of emergency to happen on your wedding day. In any case, keep some emergency pills ready such as those for headache, cough, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Ensure you get lots of sleep the night before your wedding so you don’t wake up sick.

Your wedding is a day you will remember forever, and to make sure it is everything you ever dreamed of, you can turn to marriage loans, available on Finserv MARKETS. Marriage loan eligibility is open to all salaried employees between the ages of 23 to 58 years. If you are looking for a flexible repayment schedule, this is the best marriage loan in India to opt for as it allows you to choose a repayment tenure between 12 to 60 months.

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