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8 unusual gifting ideas for your friend's wedding

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 21,2019
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8 Unusual Gifting Ideas for Your Friend's Wedding


When your friends are getting married, it can often get difficult to keep coming up with gift ideas that are not repetitive. However, since each of your friends is special in their own individual way, it is important to acknowledge that by gifting them something that speaks specifically to them or will at least be useful to them.

Marriages are a time of great financial excesses, and helping your friends secure a marriage loan from Finserv MARKETS could be the best possible present you could give them. Check out their marriage loan eligibility today, and help them get access to a loan of up to Rs. 25 lakh.

If you have to attend several weddings in a row, it might be tempting to buy the same present for all the newly wedded couples. However, if you take a little time, you could actually come up with some great ideas for unusual wedding gifts that will make them think of you more fondly in later years. In case you are having trouble being creative, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that could make you really stand out from the crowd of friends and family who are all gifting the same old thing.

1.Make a gift basket:

While wedding presents all look the same when wrapped up in big rectangular boxes, a gift basket made up of a bunch of small items that they could both use and would require while setting up a home would make a great present. You could even add a selection of seeds to help the new couple set up an in-home herb garden or add some colorful flowers to their garden.

2.Gift card for a place the couple is set to visit during the honeymoon:

Find out where the couple is headed for on their honeymoon, and you can get them a gift card for a romantic dinner or an adventurous day in the same location. A gesture such as this would show that you put some thought into getting them a present, and would ensure that they have a treat to look forward to on their honeymoon. A lot of websites offer wine tasting tours or parasailing adventures, depending on the location and you could acquire one quite easily.

3.Helping out financially:

A wedding day is something that your friend has dreamed of, ever since they were just a child. If you know the couple is struggling financially to have the kind of wedding they have always wanted, you could help them out financially by contributing to the wedding arrangements. You could help out with a marriage loan, available on Finserv MARKETS, which allows you to borrow up to Rs. 25 lakhs and set a flexible repayment tenure which could range from 12 to 60 months. The marriage loan eligibility recognises salaried individuals between the ages of 23 to 58 years, and the loan itself can be disbursed within 24 hours.

4.Floral Letter Lights:

Floral letters that light up serve as a great present for a newly wedded couple. You could get ones that make up their names or even their initials. Aside from being a really unusual gift, this would help fill up the empty wall space in their new home in a decorative way as well. Floral letter lights are a very cheerful present for a couple embarking on their new adventure.

5.A quirky kitchen appliance:

Since it is customary for families to provide kitchen appliances, you already know the couple has kitchen appliances that they require on a regular basis including items such as a toaster, a refrigerator, a whisker, and so on. However, what if you could gift them something that they never thought they would have needed but can’t do without now that they have it? You could gift a popcorn maker for movie nights, or even a waffle maker that could be put to good use for weekend breakfasts! You could even consider a chocolate fountain or a fondue set that they could utilise for at-home parties.


You could either commission an artist to make one or make it yourself. An unusual gifting idea would be to get a sculpture made of the happy couple, with the date of their wedding inscribed on the bottom of it. They could use it as a decorative piece in their new house, and it would make a beautiful keepsake for the whole of their lives.

7.An unusual gadget:

Gadgets are a rage nowadays owing to the multitude of functionalities they offer, but go a step ahead and buy them a star projector. Living in the city often doesn’t offer a lot of chances for stargazing. The couple can use it wherever they are, anytime they are in the mood for some stargazing but the weather outside might not be conducive for it.

8.Couple’s Rocking Chair:

Rocking chairs are great even when you are by yourself, so how much would your couple friends enjoy one that allows them to relax right next to each other! By gifting one of these, you can help your friends avoid fights that are bound to ensue when a certain piece of furniture is more comfortable than others.

Weddings are a special occasion, and if you want to make your friend’s wedding extra special you are going to have to make some effort to find a really unusual present which not only stands out from the crowd of big rectangular boxes but also shows them that you put thought into getting them a really great present. Weddings are also costly affairs, and checking your friend’s marriage loan eligibility is a great way to get them started on a life of financial security. The personal loan, available on Finserv MARKETS, will let them fulfil their dreams while you rest assured with the knowledge that you gave the best wedding gift that anybody could have.

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