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Are friends the new family? An analysis from a millennial lense

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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The 21st-century upbringing is such that we travel around to seize the most out of our opportunities. Staying at one place invites boredom, and towards the end, there’s not much you can do. Moving from one place to another, or one country to another means that you won’t be in touch with your family.

However, there’s one parameter to this life that keeps one going, and that is friendship. As you wish your friend a Happy Friendship Day, you must take this time to acknowledge that friends help us unwind, relax, engage us in conversations, become the recipient of our emotions and insecurities, and joy and sorrow — they are our companions in everything that life has to offer.

It is a great thing if you have friends and you get gifts for friends, as a recent poll from YouGov, a polling firm and market research company, found 30 percent of millennials saying that they feel lonely, making it the highest percentage of all the generations surveyed.

With all that love that they give us, it is high time that we make them feel the same with a Happy Friendship Day message from our side, something that will make them smile.

What makes friends unique?

With no actual family around, friends do become our family. During college days, they help us go through our broke and miserable days. They give us tips and advice on how to have a good date, and they stand by us wherever we need them. If works the opposite way too — we stand by them whenever they need us. They are with us in our most exciting and embarrassing moments and do not make us feel alone and vulnerable.

It’s a mutual relationship where we learn to live with each other, we even get gifts for friends and appreciate each other’s goodness, and not hate each other for the faults that we have. It teaches us inclusion, makes us understand the diversity of thoughts among people. It opens us to a whole lot of new experiences narrated in an intimate way, which nothing in the world could ever reveal.

With the ease of communication that has dawned upon us with the onset of the internet, it has become ever-easier to keep in touch with friends and get updated with everything they have to share with us. With effective networking, we also make friends in various places. However, it is not often that we can stay in touch with everyone. There are friends that we find special and who find us special too — without any strings attached.

Having roommates is no different than having a family, as they come with certain responsibilities. If your roommate is a dear friend of yours, then it becomes imperative to take care of them when the time calls for it, such as hard financial measures. They become more like a family, and we find ourselves sharing our joys and sorrows with them, and experiences that we recall in the future and look back at with much fondness.

A happy friendship day for friends?

If you are thinking of buying something for your friend this friendship day, then you might want to consider something that they might actually use for a long time. For example, a good smartwatch can help them keep track of their fitness journey besides keeping a watch on time.

If you are thinking of a gift for friends, then understand that millennials do have a socially conscious mind which desires authenticity on the go. With so much happening in their lives — or so little — they aren’t quite the easiest generation to shop for.

You buy something for them — say, a good study table and chair, and some basic furnishings for their new apartment — with a personal loan on Finserv MARKETS. These personal loans can be availed with minimal documentation, with the money being credited in your account within 24 hours.

Personal loans with low-interest rates do not become a burden for you this friendship season as they are highly transparent with no hidden charges. The loans are custom made just for you, so you do not have to look elsewhere if you want to have a reliable financial backup for surprising your friend, maybe with their favourite phone or bike, or even that beautiful sofa and book stand that they always wanted.

The loans are available with zero collateral, and without a guarantor, and have repayment options of up to 60 months. Whatever your need be, instant loans of up to 25 lakh on Finserv MARKETS can help you achieve those dreams — not alone, but with that extraordinary friend of yours.

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