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Are You in Financial Stress? Here are 10 Ways to Beat Your Money Stress

By Finserv MARKETS - May 3,2019
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Personal Loan for Financial Emergency

Planning your money is the most difficult task and also the easiest task. Bad financial planning can stress you out leading to health issues. Most common reasons for financial stress are when expenses are more than the income, living off your entire salary without any savings, debt and zero financial planning. All the reasons imply only one thing, that the entire amount earned has spent on either clearing bills or debt and there has been no investments or savings. But it is also never to late to change your behaviour towards money. The real key to living a life without any financial strain is to spend smart, invest and save. Let’s discuss how we can create a life without any financial stress and change our outlook towards money:

  1. Spending smartly – Never think that you can only save money once you earn more. Once you develop that thought process you can never really start saving. Instead, your expenses will be on the rise with every big pay check and you will never really end up saving anything. Be assertive and do not waste money. Try to save more for a comfortable retirement.

  2. Changing Views – Normally our we plan our income this way: INCOME + LESS EXPENSE = SAVINGS, we should ideally change it to INCOME + SAVINGS = EXPENSES. It is unbelievable, how the second formula changes our financial situation.

  3. Have faith – Believe in your self and tell yourself that you will be out of the financial stress. Hopelessness and a sense of failure will never help you overcome the situation rather a strong mind will.

  4. Focus on the good –Going through a rough financial patch is common. Do not let that bog you down, instead focus on the good that is still around you. This will help you stay strong and sail through the situation.

  5. Live in the present –Do not get so frazzled thinking about the future that you forget to live in the present. It is good to prepare yourself for future but not at the cost of ignoring what is happening around you.

  6. Avoid negative thoughts –A bad credit score doesn’t mean you have failed yourself; you can always turn that situation around. Take this experience in your stride and learn from the mistakes you made.

  7. Take a break –Dwelling too much in the thoughts of your debt is not a good idea. While you are helping yourself out of the situation, keep your body active. Only a healthy body will have a healthy mind. You need to stay calm & fit, to change your situation wisely.

  8. Get financial help – If you want to get rid of debt in one go. You can always avail a personal loan. A personal loan does not require any collateral and is given to you without much documentation. You can opt for the loan and choose a flexible repayment option, and tenure. Allowing yourself to pay off the loan at your ease.

  9. Cut down your debt –Ensure that the debt doesn’t exceed 40% of your income. If it is beyond that, bring it down immediately and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

  10. Invest and Save – At least 10% of your income should be saved or invested. Even if you’re clearing your debts you should still make that effort to save.

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