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Beyond a DSLR: equipment that helps capture those everlasting clicks

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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Equipment that Helps Capture Those Everlasting Clicks

The World Photography day highlights some of the best images that have been clicked in recent times or the past. #WorldPhotoGraphy day took over the visual aesthetics of social media sites, especially Instagram, and went on to show what went behind taking some of those exceptionally well-highlighted photographs.

Besides the sense of imagery, one needs to have suitable hardware, along with software to capture those great images. Digital cameras and smartphones have become much more accessible, and with better technology, software, and engineering, these devices have grown to take stellar shots, shoot interstellar films.

The popularity of smartphones here is not to be ignored since the ease of accessibility on them could make you think twice before you buy a digital camera. Their growing capabilities and portability have made them a popular choice among photographers who want to keep shooting on the go, and not be bothered with an extra device to take care of, to charge and handle.

However, the power which DSLRs pack are unmatched, and this also makes them the preferred option for several industry-based photographers who want to take some excellent and unmatched shots that linger in our memories for a long time.

How are DSLRs different from SLRs?

In Single Lens Reflex cameras, a changeable lens which is focused on the camera roll is attached to the body. Within the setup, the lens and the film are separated by a mirror at an angle of 45 degrees, also known as the viewfinder, and that is where the viewing lens is directed at.

When you hit the shutter button — shoot an image — the mirror raises, and light enters the film; the amount of time which is taken for that is called the shutter speed of the camera. The light which reaches the aperture and ISO could be called the sensitivity of the film.

In the case of Digital SLRs (DSLRs), the only part which is changed and replaced is the camera roll. Here, a CMOS sensor replaces the roll, and this is where images are captured in a pixel format. The ISO, too, is replicated digitally.

How are images captured on pixels?

The pixels inside a digital camera are sensitive to light, so when light falls on them, the individual photons get directed to the photo sites where they are absorbed. This material in the photo site ends up releasing an electron which leads to the creation of electric charge. After the image is captured, the power of the charge coming from the photo site falls in relevance to the number of photon particles that strikes the sensor, which eventually determines the intensity of light in that particular area of the image.

The information gathered here is then fed to a processor, which then lets you view the same on the display of the camera.

One of the benefits that digital cameras bring with them is that you do not have to handle a reel, or a film. All the images are stored digitally, so it is much easier to share pictures, cut them somewhere else, or add editing effects.

Besides, it’s easy on the sync; all the images can be stored online so you do not have to worry about buying a new reel, or in this case a storage card every time you set out on a new photography venture.

Since DLSRs do support physical lenses unlike the handy smartphones, you do get the option to play around with multiple lenses to suit individual shots — the same would apply to shooting a film as well.

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