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Have you tried an electric two-wheeler yet? 5 reasons to give it a shot

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 23,2019
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Top 5 Reasons to buy Electric Two-Wheelers

India is home to 14 of the world’s most polluted cities. The list includes national capital Delhi, which hogs the limelight every winter due to unbearable air pollution. The poor air quality of the capital stands out as it is the worst of any major city in the world. Every winter when pollution levels peak, schools and colleges have to be shut down and several flights get cancelled. More importantly, more than 22 lakh children are threatened with irreversible lung damage.

Delhi’s obsession with cars has made vehicular traffic one of the biggest reasons for the pollution. Rampant air pollution has led the government to promote electric vehicles in the country. While established auto companies are developing electric cars, a host of innovative start-ups have come out with electric scooters. The primary aim is to provide a clean mobility solution, but electric scooters also have a variety of other advantages over conventional two-wheelers. Here are five reasons to opt for an electric scooter.

Have you tried an electric two-wheeler yet?

Clean Mobility

It goes without saying that the primary purpose of electric scooters is to provide a non-polluting alternative to people. In contrast to internal combustion engines, an electric motor does not spew pollutants into the air. According to a research paper published by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, vehicular traffic is the source of around 41% of PM 2.5 in Delhi’s air. The benefits of cutting down on emissions are not instantly visible but go a long way in making the air clean and breathable. The only issue with electric scooters is that they are slightly more expensive than two-wheelers of similar category. But that shouldn’t be a deterrent to lead a responsible life. 2 Wheeler loans available on Finserv MARKETS can help you own the green machine.

Noise Free

Even though many people love the signature thud of the Royal Enfield Bullet, for many it has become a nuisance. Electric scooters, on the other hand, are extremely silent machines. The only sound you will hear is due to the friction between the wheels and the road. Moreover, the honking and loud engine sounds contribute to noise pollution in our cities. One of the latest entrants to the electric two-wheeler market—Revolt Motors—has introduced a bike with the exhaust pipe fitted with speakers to mimic a conventional bike. But playing the sound is optional.

Low Maintenance

Internal combustion engines have several moving parts and they need lubricants to function properly. More moving parts means more wear and tear, which needs regular maintenance to fix. With no fluids and a few moving parts, electric vehicles of almost zero maintenance cost. To put things into perspective, an electric car has over 2,500 moving parts, while an electric vehicle has just 25. There is a similar difference between electric scooters and conventional scooters. Electric scooters are more likely to face software issues, which can be easily fixed by the company through the internet. Don’t let the high initial cost stop you from getting your hands on an electric scooter. You can apply for a bike loan on Finserv MARKETS, and get it easily processed.

Cheaper to run

Crude oil is a fossil fuel and economically extracting it is becoming increasingly difficult. Petrol and diesel are extracted from crude oil. An electric scooter is powered by a lithium-ion or in some cases by a lead-acid battery, which can be charged through a household electric socket. The cost of electric power is significantly cheaper when compared to petrol or diesel. The lack of funds should not stop you from purchasing an electric scooter. A two-wheeler loan can help you get an electric two-wheeler in no time.


A conventional two-wheeler comes with a sequential transmission system, which could be cumbersome to learn for some people. Electric scooters do not have a manual transmission system, the electric motor does that automatically. Electric two-wheelers are simple machines and anyone with knowledge of traffic rules can drive one. Easily available two-wheeler loans have increased the accessibility of electric scooters. At Finserv MARKETS, you can apply for a bike loan and get it approved through a transparent process.


As the saying goes, “The only constant is change,” the time is ripe to shift from conventional motorcycles and scooters to electric two-wheelers. With rising air pollution, a mass shift towards electric scooters cannot be delayed. Affordable two-wheeler loans will play a key role in the mass adoption of electric scooters. At Finserv MARKETS, you can get a bike loan even without opening a bank account.

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