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Home Loan and Their Types

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 2,2019
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Home Loan and Their Types

Owning a house is one of the primary human needs and that’s why we develop an emotional bond with our homes. In India, purchasing a house implies that you’ve settled down in life and have an asset that is bound to provide you with financial security. It’s one of the best investments that you can make as the value of your house has the potential to multiply manifold.

Buying a home can be an expensive affair, especially in the metros due to the surging real estate prices. Thankfully, there are a plethora of home loan options available for customers, which greatly alleviates the financial burden that individuals face. This type of credit can be used to buy a plot of land or a house and hence the demand for it is constantly increasing.

There are many types of home loans available to cater to the different housing needs that people have. Let’s discuss some of the different types of these loan offerings in the subsequent paragraphs.

  • Loans for Purchase of Land
  • Loans for Home Purchase
  • Loans for Constructing a House
  • House Expansion or Extension Loans
  • Home Conversion Loans
  • Loans for Home Improvement
  • Balance Transfer Home Loans
  • NRI Home Loans
  • Bridged Loans
  • Stamp Duty Loans

1. Loans for Purchase of Land

Several institutions provide loans for the purchase of a plot of land. Owning a plot provides a lot of flexibility to owners, who can construct a house as per their discretion. You can also purchase the land simply for the purpose of an investment.

2. Loans for Home Purchase

This is undoubtedly the most popular variant of Bajaj Finserv housing loans and is used for buying a brand new or a pre-owned house. Your interest rate will be either fixed or floating. Typically, the interest will be between 9.85% and 11.25%.

3. Loans for Constructing a House

This is for people wishing to build their own house instead of buying a pre-constructed one. The plot should be purchased within a year of application to be included in the loan amount. Your loan amount will be based on the approximate construction cost.

4. House Expansion or Extension Loans

Many would like to add extra rooms or a balcony to their house and this loan is perfect for such clients. It’s a type of financial assistance for altering the structure of your house or for home extensions.

5. Home Conversion Loans

This loan can be used by those individuals who are currently paying off a housing loan, but would like to move into a new house. Through the home conversion option, they can transfer their existing loan to the new home.

6. Loans for Home Improvement

Home renovations or repairs can be quite expensive and can make a dent in your savings. This type of Bajaj Finserv Home Loan is designed to take care of internal repairs, electrical renovation, painting and more.

7. Balance Transfer Home Loans

This option allows you to transfer your loan from one lender to another without any hassles. Individuals may choose to move to another lender for better services. Home loan balance transfer can also help you to reduce Home Loan EMI.

8. NRI Home Loans

Indian citizens who reside abroad are known as Non-Resident Indians (NRI). This scheme is specially designed for NRIs who wish to purchase a residential property in India. These loans are commonly provided by many Indian public and private sector banks.

9. Bridged Loans

They are short term loans provided for existing homeowners wishing to purchase a new property. This loan will act as a contingency fund for buying your new house until the old home is finally sold off.

10. Stamp Duty Loans

Relatively unknown among the masses, this variety of housing loans will cover the stamp duty charges incurred while purchasing your new property.

Now that you know about the different types of home loans, you can apply for the one that fulfils your needs and requirements. Always ensure that you educate yourself about the interest rates before you choose your preferred lender.

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