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Home renovation is a daunting task. Here's how you can make it fun

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 23,2019
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How to make Home Renovation a fun task?

Homes, unlike places of residence, compel you to stay, to create memories that last through the tides of time, carrying with it the smell of your habit, the family you live with, your ideas and ambitions, and everything else that makes you – you.

For a home of such importance, you would likely want to renovate it, and why not — giving it a new colour, asking for a change of habit, a change in the conversation between your living room and study room walls. Besides, it’s a good occupation to indulge in — the process of crafting your thoughts, working with someone to give the home a new shape and style.

You could, however, also be tired of giving too much of yourself into a place that you know you will leave soon, and the thought that you could enjoy it while it stays doesn’t particularly find an amusing space in your head.

If you are planning to buy, a new home as your financial positions find firmer grounds, the best way to work around could be a home loan. A Bajaj Finserv home loan on Finserv MARKETS could help you in your search for a place that you would want to renovate with all your heart, knowing that this is one place you would like to be based in, a place you could call home.

Renovate like you watch

A popular renovation strategy — if you are running out of ideas — is renovating your home like your favourite TV show homes. For instance, Friends is a popular TV show has set a mark for apartment living, as the indoors have been a secondary theme to the popular American sitcom for years, growing into the heart of its viewers.

So if you have an idea like that, then you might as well want to give your new home bought with the Bajaj Finserv home loan, a shot at being TV-like — iconic. Besides, the low home loan interest rate makes it a lot easier to let you have a mind space where creative thoughts can prosper, and you can give more time to renovate your home.

Make sure that you note down specific points in celebrity homes before opting for anything wildly bizarre — do that if you please. But carefully, jotted down ideas will actually make you think about your actions, and it will be much easier then to get the carpenter, the plumber and everyone in; or your friends, your partner if it’s a close, fun weekend project.

A greener, cleaner home

Waste is awful, wasting energy too. This disgust must come into practice as well. You can practice the means of waste segregation in your new home. You can build waste corridors where you have enough room to segregate your waste. If the house is on the ground floor — or rather an open bungalow with some space for a yard — it becomes even easier to install a biogas plant which can sustain your cooking need running wholly on gas.

You should also install solar panels in your new home renovation financed with Bajaj Finserv home loan. With a low home loan interest rate and carefully calculated EMIs, you will have enough buffer to invest in solar panels that will be powering your entire household and let you save a fortune on electric bills.

Your new home can be renovated to fit a solar panel in any place which receives enough sunlight. With the modern fittings that boards have, they do not at all look odd and add to the general aesthetics of the house.


With so many bustling ideas for a new home, there is so much that you can do for your new home. You will find attractive offers for home loans on Finserv MARKETS. A low home loan interest rate — as low as 6.93% — makes the plan very attractive. Your online application approved in 3 minutes and the money credited to your bank account in 24 hours. With minimum paperwork, you get the best home loan offers that are hassle-free. The process has no hidden charges or dubious policies and is entirely transparent. The loans are made just for you — designed so that paying the installment is not a hassle and does not turn out to be a burden for you.

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