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How a Personal Loan Can Help You this Christmas Season

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 25,2019
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Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

The Holiday season is soon approaching and there is a particular anxiety forming around the populace celebrating. You wonder whether you can afford to splurge on gifts, parties, decorations, and a beautiful Christmas tree. Or even expenses for the New Year.

It’s a big expense and many choose to take on a personal loan to cover these expenses. Most people recommend not taking on a loan for the Christmas season. It’s simply because you’re not getting any money out of it.

But, we’re here to show you otherwise. A personal loan is an easy and hassle-free way to get quick finances you need. Ofcourse, you shouldn’t borrow more than you can afford but that little extra financial boost can help you enjoy the holiday season.

It’s always best to get the best terms for your personal based on your income and capacity to repay back with EMIs. You borrow the minimum amount you need and keep yourself within your budget with an easy repayment scheme customized for your preferences.

Money You Can Afford

A personal loan usually has a maximum limit of INR 25 lakhs. You can choose up to that maximum amount for the money you need. With choices of interest rates and flexible tenures, you can borrow from a variety of banks and credit providers in the country. They sanction you repayment schemes that are both manageable and affordable. They ensure EMIs do not cross over 50% of your monthly income to avoid falling into a debt trap. This way, after budgeting for the needed amount against your repayment capacity, you can easily get a personal loan application approved for meeting your holiday season needs. On Finserv MARKETS, you can borrow personal loans for Christmas gifts and easily pay it off with their flexible repayment scheme. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans are charged with interest rates between 12-20% with tenures between 24 to 60 months.

Extra cash for Unexpected Costs

Many expect year-end bonuses and salary bumps but with the holiday season, many need to spend extra amounts for unexpected expenses. With those bonuses and bumps coming up later, the additional personal loan amounts support these expenses. For Christmas, you can splurge a little on good gifts with personalized loans suiting those needs. Or spending a little extra on meaningful presents for your loved ones without breaking your bank account or a big credit card bill to pay off at the start of 2020. Credit cards usually have interest rates of 30-40% as opposed to personal loans with interest rates of 11-20%. Plus, they come with customizable payment schemes that suit your salary and repayment capacity. You can easily pay the loan off with the additional salary and bonuses you’re expecting. On Finserv MARKETS, your personal loan application will be approved within 5 minutes and disbursal is within 24 hours. That way, get that extra cash quickly to meet those unexpected expenses. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan have affordable interest rates starting at 12.99% with flexible tenures and options to reduce your EMIs by 45% with the Flexi Personal Loan option.

Grab the best deals and promotions with the money

If you’re surely expecting a confirm bonus or salary bump, you can use your personal loan to spend on the best deals and promos. Of course, spend it wisely on items you really need that come off way cheaper during the holiday season. Even better if it brings you some additional income on the side. With a personal amount, it is much easier to buy some of the best holiday offers on things you’ve wanted since the beginning of the year. Budget yourself to see the stuff you want to buy and how much money you need. Personal loans for Christmas gifts give the needed cash to score those great deals and promos for items your loved ones desire this holiday season. Once you budget with an affordable amount, you can easily pay it off monthly. The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan is a great option with easy flexible repayment options with zero hidden charges.

A Responsible Way to Avoid Borrowing More than You Need

Personal loans are safe unsecured affordable installment loans. They serve as the best way to keep yourself protected from borrowing large amounts you can’t afford, and also help you avoid going too crazy and ending up a debt trap. They have fixed EMIs that can be paid between 2 to 5 years and considering it’s the holiday season, you probably just need a quick financial fix of a small amount. You can easily pay that off in a short time frame with a relaxed and flexible repayment scheme. That’s what makes it a safer and responsible borrowing tactic to get the money you need to spend on the holiday. On Finserv MARKETS, you can borrow affordable amounts with personal loans for Christmas gifts. The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan offer excellent interest rates, enabling you to pay them off easily with a flexible repayment scheme up to 5 years.

We know, for many that borrowing money for the holiday season isn’t their first choice. But sometimes, it’s necessary if you’re in a bit of a financial fix. Personal loans are a great and responsible option to easily buy gifts for your loved ones and spend on things you want too. Repayment schemes are highly flexible and it’s a lot better than raking up a large credit card bill to pay off at the start of 2020. Of course, one tip is be responsible and limit yourself as much as possible by borrowing only what you need. So budget, budget, budget, and get the best deals with personal loans for Christmas gifts or anything else to start the new year right for yourself and your loved ones.

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