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How do I improve the mileage on my 2-wheeler?

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 26,2019
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It is a known fact that the average middle-class Indian when buying a two-wheeler or four-wheeler mostly makes a decision based on the price of the vehicle and mileage. It makes sense because you have to factor the long-term costs of owning a two-wheeler and fuel is the most important component of overall cost. Especially, when fuel prices are skyrocketing, having a two-wheeler with good mileage helps you save money and avoid unnecessary drain on finances. And if you have taken a two wheeler loan, it’s even more important that your monthly budget is not impacted.

No wonder then that Indian bike manufacturers have launched two-wheelers with incredible mileage – some that manage to run up to 85 km per litre (in ideal conditions) to meet the demands of the consumer. However, with bad road conditions and snail-paced traffic, getting good mileage for your two-wheeler is easier said than done.

If you are unsatisfied with your two-wheeler’s mileage, here are some do-it-yourself tips to help you improve fuel efficiency.

  • Change gears judiciously
  • Maintain consistent speed
  • Check the carburetor
  • Maintain adequate tyre pressure
  • Don’t forget the chain
  • Go for timely servicing

Change gears judiciously

If your two-wheeler has a gear, or if it’s a motorcycle, don’t shift gears constantly. Constant shifting of gear involves frequent engagement of the clutch which brings down mileage.

  • Don’t shift gears – one after another- too quickly
  • Don’t change gears when in high RPM
  • Don’t drive for long distances on low gear

Avoid sudden acceleration and braking

Some bike riders suddenly accelerate to gain speed without any sound reason. They don’t realise that by increasing the engine’s RPM suddenly, they are burning a lot of fuel. Let your two-wheeler gather speed gradually by systematically shifting to higher gears at the right RPM.

Also, avoid braking suddenly when you encounter an obstacle or another vehicle because when you brake suddenly it puts more stress on the engine as it suddenly stops and then it has to again pick up speed from zero. In the process, the engine ends up guzzling more fuel. Keep a safe distance with another vehicle, person or object before you apply brakes. When you avoid sudden braking, it not only helps you save fuel, it also brings down the chances of accidents. You have to be extra careful when using the front brakes suddenly if your motorcycle is equipped with disc brakes.

Maintain consistent speed

Maintaining a constant speed is one of the most effective ways to improve mileage. A speed of 55-60 kmph on top gear is ideal for optimum fuel efficiency. Don’t drive on low-gear as it puts extra stress on the engine and the fuel consumption shoots up.

As your vehicle gets older its fuel efficiency starts to come down. Without regular maintenance it can easily start showing signs of fatigue in 4-5 years. If things looks unsalvageable, it’s better to buy a new bike or scooter with a two-wheeler loan. At Finserv MARKETS you can avail a Bajaj Finserv two wheeler loan and benefit from low two wheeler loan interest rates and fast loan approvals.

Check the carburetor

If your two-wheeler has suddenly started giving you low mileage, maybe your carburetor is to blame. Your carburetor may be covered with dirt or may require re-tuning to improve fuel efficiency.

New generation motorcycles are now available in India that come fitted with fuel injection technology instead of a carburetor. The results are smooth ignition, incredible performance and superb mileage. However, these bikes come with a higher price tag. But don’t worry you can bring your dream bike home with a Bajaj Finserv two wheeler loan with fast processing, attractive two wheeler loan interest rates and flexible EMIs.

Maintain adequate tyre pressure

Maintaining ideal tyre pressure is important. If tyre pressure exceeds the recommended level, it can lead to tyre bursts and accidents. While low pressure can considerably bring down mileage as the engine has to work harder to maintain speed.

Don’t forget the chain

People often overlook this very important component of their two-wheeler: the chain. The chain is responsible for making the wheels to rotate and pull all the weight, yet they are not often lubricated or tightened regularly. In some motorcycles the chain starts to loosen after some time putting a considerable stretch on the engine. This results in plummeting mileage. Also, the same can occur if the chains are stiff due to lack of lubrication. Thus, regularly checking, tightening and lubricating the bike’s chain is important as well.

Go for timely servicing

Ensure that engine oils, spark plugs and filters are changed and inspected during each servicing. Timely servicing ensures that your two-wheeler is in top condition and giving you optimum fuel efficiency.

Taking care of these little things will help you considerably improve your two-wheeler’s mileage, extend its life and save you money. But please remember – your two-wheeler cannot give you more mileage than what is specified by your manufacturer. The number that your manufacturer gives you is the most that your two-wheeler can clock with its current technology and specifications.

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