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How Instagram has fueled the rise of off-beat wedding photography

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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How Instagram has fuelled Wedding Photography

What can happen on Instagram?

Instagram is the ideal place to look for visual inspiration, hence it did not take long to become a photographer’s paradise. Out of millions of photographers’ profiles all over the world, there are some that stand out more than others. Whether it is the use of specific hashtags or curation methods or engagement strategies, that’s totally on the photographer to decide. In general, social media is perfect to attract and get to know followers and also book them for their engagement or wedding shoot.

How Instagram has fuelled Wedding Photography

Capturing the right moment from your special day through the feed of your calculated wedding Instagram is no easy feat. Instagram has embraced some of the most offbeat wedding photographers around the world who share similar or different techniques in grasping all aspects of light, backdrop, elegance, and wonder that makes the married couple absolutely happy and the wedding photography utterly stunning.

Wedding photography allows photographers to explore their artistic freedom while seeking inspiration from others, which results in photographers having their own specific style, depending on their intended purpose. When you are starting out, your goal should be to book as many weddings as you can in order to create a credible portfolio. Wedding Photography Prices that you charge must be a little lower at the beginning compared to an average photographer. You must offer a price range that reflects your skills and raise it slowly as you build up your portfolio and clients.

There are a few offbeat wedding photography that one may come across on Instagram which creates images to empower women, through fine art, authentic boudoir, ethical fashion, and alternative weddings. Some popular offbeat photographers believe that being real, honest, and bringing yourselves to your wedding photos are the most important elements to shoot a wedding album and it is not just the facade that people see all over social media, it is refreshing and body positive.

Wedding Photography Prices range between Rs 30,000-40,000 and can go depending on the type of photography you are shooting for.

In a world full of filters that make your face look slender, and endless articles telling you how to hold your arms to make yourself look skinnier in a photo and of course where worth of something is dictated by how many likes it gets, these offbeat photographers have taken Instagram by storm.

How Instagram has fuelled Wedding Photography

How to finance your photography ambitions

Everything aside, getting a start as a wedding photographer can be daunting and challenging. If you’ve never had business experience, it’s especially more difficult to get a start. With a proper business plan in place and expected equipment costs, you can set appropriate Wedding Photography Prices. There are several types of financing depending on your personal needs and the scope of your business you plan to start.

Financial institutions like banks can grant you small business loans. You will need a good credit history for this as banks will need evidence that you can pay loans. Small business loans won’t get approved if you do not have a good credit history. However, some may offer credit builder loans, which means that they help you rebuild your credit by taking out a loan which you can only access after you have fully paid for it. For most financial institutions, your credit rating is crucial as it helps them decide on whether to finance your business. Other companies will fund you even with a poor credit rating, but in that case the interest will be too high. Other options that you have include crowdsourcing, equipment financing from financiers, investments, credit cards and personal savings.

Cameras are expensive, especially if you are planning to pay the full cost upfront. Now you can choose the smart way to pay for the latest DSLR cameras on easy EMIs with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Choose from top brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others and divide the cost into easy EMIs, and repay it over a suitable tenure.

Different types of wedding photography styles:

  • Traditional shots:

These are usually classic, take for example group shots of the bride and groom with the entourage and their families, shots of the cake cutting and wine toasting. Though photographers have been practicing this style for decades, both photographers and clients find that it’s the best way to achieve some of the key shots for the day and timeless photos of the couple’s friends and family together. In this photography style, the photographer gets involved in guiding, directing and posing the wedding party for photos, so it’s important for the photographer be comfortable with taking charge. But to take more priceless photos, it helps to also capture real and unguarded moments.

  • Illustrative:

Illustrative wedding photography are often used for pre-nuptial photo shoot sessions. It places emphasis on the composition, lighting, and background. The couple is asked to pose candidly in a picturesque background, which makes this style an interesting blend of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. Illustrative wedding photography requires some skill in landscape photography and knowledge of using wide-angle lenses and sometimes even aerial photography.

  • Fine Art:

This kind of wedding photography usually involves creative framing, lighting, composition and post-production techniques. Photographers who are pro in artistic wedding photography are capable of anticipating moments where they can use fine art techniques and capture unique images. Unlike other photography styles, there’s no real posing involved, although it’s become common for shooters to slightly change the posture of their subjects and the placement of items—particularly wedding paraphernalia like rings, outfits and bouquets—to achieve their desired composition. This style is similar to portrait wedding photography.

  • Aerial: 

It helps to keep up with the latest trends. One photography style you may find interesting is aerial wedding photography. This one will obviously require more equipment, particularly a drone with a good HD camera mounted on it. Aerial shots are great for showing outdoor wedding locations and the couple in a remote set-up. Image composition is not that crucial as bird’s eye view shots are usually always very interesting, as long as you exclude elements that look out of place. On the other hand, if you’re limited to indoor shots, you can always take photos from a staircase and still yield pretty magnificent shots.

What I love about offbeat weddings is that each one is unique. It gives me the space to be creative and allows my couples to be themselves.” And when creativity meets the unique quirks of couples, magic is made.


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