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How smartphones democratised photography

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 6,2019
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How smartphones democratised photography

Not so long ago, a camera was considered to be a prized possession only a few of our friends could boast of. Not everyone could afford to buy a digital camera to harness their creative pursuits or hobbies that had a little artistic or commercial value.

We all remember the good old days of our run-of-the-mill point and shoot camera which slowly gave way to more sophisticated digital ones. Over the years, cameras and their accessories became more varied, sophisticated, advanced and also expensive. Buying a digital camera to develop one’s photography skills isn’t a feasible option for an average, middle-class person even today. What was also lacking during those days was the presence of innovative loan offers in the market. For instance, today if you want to avail a personal loan, to chase your photography dreams, you can easily find options on platforms like Finserv MARKETS.

The emergence of smartphones has been the biggest trend disruptor of the way we have seen and known photography. The first push for the democratization of photography came from the launch of Apple’s coveted iPhones that truly turned the tables and empowered its users by giving them a commodity that was well-equipped to shoot and capture images, and also gave them the freedom to share their pictures instantaneously with as many people as they liked.

Smartphones truly democratised photography – now anyone with a phone can create photographs and even distribute them on a large scale. The rise of social media networks had a vital role to play in how these photos could be utilized and shared. The increasing reach of social media platforms acted as a catalytic force in the rise in smartphone photography. Consider this: last year, more than 200,000 images were shared on Facebook every minute.

Then came apps like Instagram, that proved to be ingenius for image sharing and marketing. Instagram now has 1 billion monthly active users. The top three countries using Instagram are the United States at 110 million, Brazil at 66 million, and India with 64 million users.

Today, smartphones are ubiquitous. Be it renowned politicians clicking a selfie or invaluable videos footages recorded on smartphones that serve as crucial sources of information for media and broadcasting networks. The entire niche of citizen journalism has been strengthened with the exponential rise in smartphone buyers. Even renowned photographers are now using smartphones for serious journalistic work.

Thanks to smartphones, humans across the globe are now taking more pictures than we ever did in the entirety of our history. Moreover, smartphone technologies have undergone staggering leaps in the past decade. Today, phones comes equipped with apertures as wide as f/1.7, triple lenses, impressive low-light capabilities and even RAW shooting – there’s a plethora of camera accessories available as well that enable you to take pictures and videos that appear as good as that from an expensive camera.

Given the meteoric rise in smartphone users, it is only understandable that camera sales have plummeted over the years. Phones have an edge over bulky cameras since they are compact, handy, and can conveniently fit in your pockets or the palm of your hand. India being one of the biggest smartphone markets, has seen a surge of new entrants which have introduced smartphones in every segment – from budget friendly, mid-segment to premier models.

With so many of us using our smartphones to take images, it has also helped garner increasing interest in photography for people who may not have considered it before. You no longer need to spend thousands in buying a good camera and other accessories, if you have a smartphone, you are good to go.

On the flip side, it has made it increasingly hard for people to stand out in a sea of amateur photographers. It’s an increasingly competitive field that’s only getting more intense.

According to estimates, more than one trillion photos were taken in 2018. Understandably, digital camera sales have been in a downward slump over the past decade, dropping from 121.5 million in 2010 to an estimated 13 million in the first half of 2016.

How smartphones democratised photography
On the other hand, things are looking good for smartphones. 2018 was an exciting year for photography enthusiasts in India. The year saw a series of launches with increasing megapixels, better low light performance as well as the emergence of AI-powered camera in the mid-range segment. Trends suggest that in the coming years, multiple lenses with powerful camera sensors are going to gain more popularity in the mid-range segment, allowing photographers to capture more detail. Moreover, we expect to see more AI-powered cameras with better algorithms.

In the past decade, photography has emerged as a popular and lucrative career option as well. An increasing number of millennials are turning to photography to channelize their creative instincts and make a living out of it too. You can easily avail loans for financing your photography studies in one of the premier foreign universities by availing a personal loan for education on Finserv MARKETS.

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