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National Tourism Day: Its Importance in Indian Economy

By Bajaj Markets - Jan 20,2020
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Tourism is an important contributor to India’s economic growth. And in a country as diverse in landscapes and culture as ours, it’s only natural that travel and tourism is as vital as it is today. In 2019, tourist arrival in the country went from 944,233 in October to 1,091,946 in November. And nearly a year before that, in December of 2018, tourist arrivals hit a record high of 1,191,147.

To give this area of the economy the importance it deserves, India celebrates the 25th of January each year as National Tourism Day. This day was recognized by the government of India as National Tourism Day in an effort to raise awareness about the impact of tourism on the country’s socioeconomic status. And here’s a look at why January 25th holds great significance for the Indian economy.

1. It creates employment opportunities

Tourism in India is a hotbed for various employment opportunities, making it one of the best sectors to promote in order to improve the rate of employment in the country. Direct jobs related to tourism include tour guides, travel agents, tour operators, and holiday planners. Furthermore, indirect jobs associated with tourism range from restaurant workers and managers to local artisans and store owners.

National Tourism Day helps promote awareness of this key economic sector and makes it possible for the common man to become gainfully employed. Records for the year 2017-18 show that over 81 million people were employed in the country’s tourism industry. That number accounted for over 12% of the Indian population, and it has only grown since then.

2. It puts India on the map globally

In terms of variety, India has a lot to offer global travelers. With the country’s landscape spreading across six major climatic subtypes, tourists can take their pick from among the snow-clad mountains in the north, the vast expanses of coastlines in the south, the arid deserts in the western regions, and the rich ecosystems in the east. Developing this sector of the economy can thus put India on the map globally, since the country has a lot to offer.

Partly because of the continued efforts involved in promoting tourism through the celebration of National Tourism Day, India was ranked 34th in the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report from 2019. Achievements such as this get the world to notice the growing prospects of Indian tourism, thus contributing to economic development.

3. It increases the inflow of foreign currency

Owing to our country’s rich heritage and diverse culture, Indian tourism has various facets to offer tourists from countries across the globe. Tourism in India has evolved to include different categories, the most popular among which are cultural tourism, medical tourism, sports tourism, and heritage tourism. International travelers find this diversity intriguing, making India one of the most preferred travel destinations globally.

With a meteoric rise in foreign travelers, India also gets to enjoy the inflow of foreign currency. This, in turn, bodes well for the economic sector since it contributes indirectly to the county’s overall development, particularly if the foreign currency flowing in is stronger than the Indian rupee.

4. It improves the country’s GDP

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a key measure of the country’s economic growth. Essentially, it’s the total value of goods and services provided in the country during the financial year. Tourism is a part of India’s service sector, and by achieving the objectives behind the celebration of National Tourism Day, the tourism industry gets a boost, which, in turn, improves the country’s GDP.

A boost in the Gross Domestic Product can be achieved not only by promoting international tourism, but also by encouraging travelers within the country itself. And with an increasing percentage of the Indian population waking up to the joy of traveling, domestic tourist arrivals are also on the rise, contributing to an increase in the GDP.

National Tourism Day: Its Importance In Indian Economy

Source: statista.com


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