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New-age wedding photography creating ripples in India’s wedding industry

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 5,2019
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New Age Wedding Photography

Wedding rituals have remained the same over generations but everything around these ceremonies has changed drastically. If you skim through the wedding albums of your parents and grandparents, you would realize how formal wedding photography was back in the day.

A seemingly meek bride and groom would be asked to sit or stand in one of those standardized wedding poses and the pictures that would come out of it would often lack the emotionality that is integral to any wedding.

Wedding photography dates back to the early 1800s and it is believed that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the first couple to have a wedding picture taken. Slowly, the tradition caught on.

Thankfully, over the past few decades, wedding photography has evolved with the advent of digital camera and the intersection of various styles of photography. The transition from bulky cameras of the past to compact modern cameras has been a tectonic shift when one studies the evolution of wedding photography over the decades.

Photographs are no longer detached from what was really happening, they do not appear staged or theatrical. There is spontaneity in wedding pictures now, carrying a whole spectrum of emotions of the bride and groom. Moreover, wedding photographers have started paying due attention to others too, like your friends and family.

Unlike their parents, brides are now moving away from static, posed photography in favour of styles that truly capture their day. They can be seen laughing, crying, enjoying each moment of their special day. It appears that with the evolution of wedding photography, we have come to embrace our imperfections.

Couples now appreciate quirky shots that show their day for what it really is. They are willing to spend more money than ever on pre-wedding shoots and other informal settings which can convey the joyride of emotions to the big day. This has catapulted the demand for wedding photographers in the country, who now enjoy lucrative remunerations for their services. Moreover, pursuing one’s career in wedding photography has also become easier and more attractive over the years. For instance, you can easily avail a unsecured business loan for photography on Finserv MARKETS and give your career as a wedding photographer the kickstart it’s waiting for.

As photography evolved and grew over the years, so did the styles that followed. Two styles in particular emerged over time: traditional and photojournalism.

1. Traditional:-

The primary focus of this approach is a posed shot. The couple is always the focus of the picture with the photographer usually directing them in order to get a preconceived shot. This style works well for some particular shots during the wedding ceremony.

2. Photo journalism:-

This style borrows heavily from a documentary approach. The primary objective here is to capture raw and unstructured moments, showing the couple’s special day in candid shots. With a wide variety of images, the pictures tell the story of the day.

Photojournalism has redefined the style of wedding photography, which has been further enabled by technology. Wedding photography has come a long way, thanks to photojournalism, from a laboured wedding couple carefully posing on the couch or awkwardly propped up on the stage.

However, contemporary wedding photography has become more eclectic in its approach. Most of the wedding photographers combine elements from both the styles mentioned above and this mishmash assures you candid shots as well as those classic wedding photos you want to frame for posterity.

Weddings are grand celebrations in India, and there’s a kernel of truth in the cliched phrase ‘the big, fat Indian wedding’. It is not uncommon to find families that start saving for the wedding of their sons and daughters years ahead of the wedding, buying gold jewellery, gifts, etc.

Rising costs and a slowing economy do not appear to have dampened the demand for wedding photographers in India. The wedding industry, unlike others, is relatively immune to recession. The Indian wedding industry, valued at an estimated $50 billion, is second only to the United States. The market is likely to grow at 20-25% annually in the coming years. Weddings are so deeply ingrained in our culture as arguably the only way of life, it is only understandable that this self-perpetuating industry is here to stay. It is therefore a prudent choice to make one’s career in wedding photography, taking the help of services like a business loan for photography via Finserv MARKETS.

The surge in demand has given photographers the opportunity to take a bigger slice of India’s grand wedding business. People increasingly are looking to pay premium prices for photographers who can capture the essence of their special day in a memorable way.

As a result, more people appear to be choosing wedding photography as a career option, despite graduating from the most premium business schools or working for top private companies. So, if you want to kickstart your career in wedding photography too, the time is now ripe. Take a business loan for photography on Finserv MARKETS and chase that dream. And don’t fret about bearing the entire cost of expensive equipment required in the endeavour. Business loans available on Finserv MARKETS help you avoid paying the full cost upfront, and give you the smart choice to pay for the latest DSLR cameras in easy installments spread over a tenure of your choice. Choose from top brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others and divide the cost into easy EMIs.

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