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Planning a Home Renovation? 10 Tips to keep in Mind

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 26,2019
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10 Tips to Keep in Mind While Planning a Home Renovation

For most of us, home renovation is an exciting prospect. It is thrilling to give a makeover to your abode. You could decide for a renovation for a variety of reasons – maybe you have developed a taste for a specific architectural style and decor, or you have ideas on making your dwelling place more comfortable and functional, maybe you want to furnish it to contemporary styles to bring it to market’s eyes. Whatever your motivation, renovation can be a daunting and taxing task if done without planning. It is a time-consuming process after all, with paperwork, negotiations and coordination across all the parties involved in the revamp. Here are a few tips and hacks you can follow to make the activity manageable, and even enjoyable.

  • Delegate it to a professional
  • Find a contractor or test one
  • Negotiate
  • Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose
  • Prioritize things that need actual fixing
  • Source stuff locally
  • Tread the paints and doors carefully
  • Go DIY
  • Plan your purchases ahead
  • Focus on utility and maximizing capacity

1. Delegate it to a professional

Here’s the deal: on the face of it, it may look like you are incurring an unnecessary expense, but truly, it is a smart decision to get professional consultation on the process – they can provide insights on designs, trends and safety areas, can provide you unbiased opinion on your decor taste and even plan out the coordination in a way that the process goes hassle-free.

2. Find a contractor or test one

Your contractor is often the first point of contact with the rest of the team working on your home, so it is necessary that you both agree on the fundamental aspects of the revamp and operate on the same vision. Find someone who is experienced, can help you keep things aligned with the budget, sources good quality materials at a good bargain, and can coordinate with his team with minimum friction. Test him for a small gig first, if you feel hesitant in finalizing.

3. Negotiate

As Indians, bargaining comes naturally to us. Always negotiate for a better price and discounts, and this starts with your deal with the contractor and continues till you have bought the last item of decor you need. Consider the modular kitchen market. The market is largely unorganized with the presence of local and small players like carpenters making custom-designed kitchens based upon the requirements of the household. Most likely, you will need to negotiate since there are hardly any standard rates set in the market.

4. Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

This is where everyone can give creative inputs – a lot of the furniture, fixtures and fittings can be remodeled into something useful and aesthetically pleasing. Woodwork is an excellent example – you can convert old wood from doors, cupboards and mobile furniture into something chicer and aligned with the new decor. Just painting and polishing could save you the money you would otherwise spend on buying brand new furniture.

5. Prioritize things that need actual fixing

Do not make the mistake of thinking that renovation should mean an entire overhaul! You may want to replace old models with newer ones but do not give in to the temptation right away. Especially when it comes to ceiling decor, plumbing and electric wires.

6. Source stuff locally

This issue would be taken care of by the contractor, but make sure you don’t end up incurring additional expenses just because the marble of your choice or the design of your preference is available only in a different state and will need to be shipped to you. Also, try to shop for flooring material and decor items in the local artisan markets rather than branded boutiques.

7. Tread the paints and doors carefully

The colour and design of the doors and walls can have a great impact on the vibe and mood of the space. So make sure you keep them quirky and contrasting. At the same time, ensure you use shades that optimize the lighting of your space.

8. Go DIY

Not only is DIY a more environment-friendly option, but it can also be an excellent catharsis for the anxiety of the whole process. It will also help you cut costs if you are good at it. Get inspiration from the internet and get creative with wall holdings, photo frames, decor pieces, shelves.

9. Plan your purchases ahead

A lot of the materials and objects that are of use during renovation might be available cheaper at some point during the year – make sure you are alert and get the best bargain. In other words, start planning your renovation a year before the renovation actually begins.

10. Focus on utility and maximizing capacity

This is especially true for spaces like the living room and the kitchen. Furnishing them often entails many logistics so we forget that these spaces can be utilized wisely too – your kitchen space can be expanded to build more storage capacity, the living room can be arranged in a way that it accommodates an additional recliner or sofa. Get storage cabinets, or if you cannot make up your mind, go for the portable ones.

Renovating a home can be a mammoth task, but you can follow these tips and make the best financial decisions while keeping up with modern aesthetics. It can also be a financially draining undertaking, which is why home renovation loan provide some relief, with Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan designed to meet your specific requirements with quick application process and disbursal facility, you can get the loan amount in your bank account within 24 hours too!

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