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Seven Advantages of Applying for a Two Wheeler Loan Online

By Finserv MARKETS - Feb 22,2019
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Advantages of Two wheeler loan

Slow-living’ has taken a backseat in millennial times. We are always on the move, aren’t we? However, commuting on Indian roads with potholes and bad traffic conditions is such a pain! If you too are a sufferer, it is time to reconsider the mode of your daily commute. Two-wheelers have gained immense popularity in recent times, and why? More so because of the speed and comfort that they bring along! Buying a two-wheeler can save you from all your daily commuting hassles. However, if you are newly employed at your job and do not have the means to buy one right away, you may apply for a two-wheeler loan without curbing your desires for a mere lack of funds.

Let’s walk you through top 7 advantages of two wheeler loan online.

1. Lesser financial burden

Shopping with loans goes easy on your pocket. Loans allow you to repay a lump sum amount of money through easy monthly installments over a period of time. Instead of burning a hole in your pocket at a go, you can choose to repay the amount as per your convenience, sometimes for even over longer periods of time. With Finserv MARKETS, it is possible for you to pay-off the loan within a span of a year to about sixty months. It is entirely dependent on what your monthly income is and the monthly EMI amount you are comfortable paying back.

2. Easy and convenient

One of the many two-wheeler loan benefits is that two-wheeler loans can be maintained as per your financial suitability. For instance, you do not have to spend a fortune on fuel maintenance charges. Two-wheelers usually come with more mileage than even the basest of four-wheeler models. So, you easily save a lot of money there. Moreover, you can now apply for a two-wheeler loan online from the comfort of your home! Waive off tedious banking procedures which take longer time for loan approvals, and reap the most of two-wheeler loan benefits as per your convenience.

3. Margin on finance

Most leading Non-Banking Financial Companies extend finance margins that sometimes can go up to even hundred percent of the on-road price of the vehicle you are planning to buy. Isn’t that a great catch?

4. Improving credit score

2wheeler loans are much easier to pay-off within a short tenure. Moreover, paying off loans completely adds to one’s credit score. Therefore, if you have plans of taking bigger loans in future for other purposes such as higher education, travel, constructing your own home or marriage, you may consider starting with this loan, paying it off within a decent tenure and have it add considerably to your credit score.

5. No charges on prepayment

Some banks and NBFCs have a tendency of fixing the repayment tenure of your two-wheeler loan. This has got a lot to do with the interest that a lender is able to earn from it. So, when you choose to pay off the loan before the end of this tenure, you might be levied a prepayment or foreclosure charge. The same allows your lender to nullify its monthly interest loss. In this regard, Finserv MARKETS is a safe bet for you! With Finserv MARKETS, you can choose to repay the loan any time before the repayment tenure, and you do not need to worry about any foreclosure charges.

6. Greater degree of affordability

Long repayment tenure on 2-wheeler loans is a lucrative perk. Additionally, flexibility of easy monthly installments has made dreams of owning a new two-wheeler affordable for people across all income groups.

7. Increase resale value

Two-wheelers offer a more lucrative resale value than four-wheelers, notwithstanding the time you have had the bike for. Therefore, you can purchase a new one and replace your old one as soon as you finish paying off the loan.

So, not only are two-wheeler loans your gateway to having your dreams realized, the process of applying for them has been made considerably easier with reliable NBFCs like Finserv MARKETS. It is time to scout for the best alternates today. Apply for Bajaj Finserv Two-Wheeler Loan at Fiserv MARKETS!

You can also apply for a bike insurance online and learn how to get the best deal on two wheeler loan online

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