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The 3 most trusted brands to consider while buying photography equipment

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 5,2019
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The 3 Most Trusted Brands to Consider While Buying Photography Equipment

August 19th of every year is commemorated as the World Photography Day across the world. The Photography Day encourages photographers across the globe to share a single photo of their world shot through their camera, with the world outside.

Cameras are one of the most fascinating technological inventions that changed the world. It has allowed human beings to capture moments, create memories that can be rekindled for posterity. While photography is just a regular experience for most people, for others it is a hobby-turned-profession. If you are interested in photography, seeking to get a start as a photographer can be a daunting affair, and even more challenging if you have no prior business experience. You would need to prepare the ground by tackling far too many questions ranging from the basic business plan to selection of the kind of photography and building a portfolio to establishing a dedicated clientele base. Above all, the basic prerequisite would be to purchase the best photography equipment.

Procuring a decent photography gear comprising of mainly but minimally a camera, lenses, mounts, not only entails a lot of research but also a huge amount of financial investment. If you are newer in the business, it makes sense to start small and look for funding options to cover your equipment costs. Availing a small business loan for photography equipment such as a Business Loan available on Finserv MARKETS would be a safe idea to kickstart your photography business without having to worry about the costs of other logistics such as the studio space. Here are the 3 most trusted brands to consider while buying the photography equipment:


Nikon is one of the oldest camera brands that was established almost a century ago, making it synonymous with cameras and photography. Over the years, the brand has adapted itself well to suit the demand of the digital age by introducing of digital cameras, unlike most film camera companies that folded up. Nikon DSLRS are immensely popular among photographers and features D-series and F-series models. The flagship of Nikon has always been their Nikkor lenses that capture breathtakingly high quality images. The DSLR prices range between Rs.30,000 and Rs. 4,45,000.


Canon is Nikon’ closest camera competitor that can give a good run for its money. The competition between them is so fierce that both the brands have a loyal customer base and the top two spots in camera brand rankings are only shared between these two brands for many years now.

Coming to Canon, its name has been long respected in the world for its cameras and best photography equipment. Its DSLR cameras are the preferred choice of reputed photographers and photojournalists across the globe. Its EOS and the 5D models are the top selling DSLR models on the market today. An interesting fun fact is that Canon used the Nikkor lenses made by its competitor Nikon, during its initial days in digital camera business. The prices of Canon’s DSLR cameras range between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 3,00,000.


It is no coincidence that the top three camera brands are from Japan with Sony being one among them. Along with Nikon and Canon, it has pioneered the introduction of digital cameras with its Sony Cybershot when they first entered the market. Sony Cybershot was a brilliant point and shoot camera that took the market by storm with its sales and it is highly possible that it could have been the first digi-cam that most of us bought.

Later on, Sony also started manufacturing its DSLR range cameras and its Alpha, A-65 and A-77 series are some of the most preferred models by photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. It’s the world’s third largest camera maker and the accessories are easily available. The DSLR camera prices range between Rs. 25000 and Rs. 1,50,000.

Financing the Photography Equipment

Purchasing the best photography equipment for your new photography studio is expensive, particularly when you are short of funds. However, there is nothing to worry if you can avail a reliable business loan for photography equipment such as the Business Loan on Finserv MARKETS. This business loan for photography equipment provides you with an instant loan amount upto Rs. 15 lakhs without collateral to embark upon your entrepreneurial journey into the world of photography. You can repay the loan amount within a tenure of 1-5 years, as per your choice of short-term or long-term loan availed at reasonable interest rates. The loan also facilitates features like ‘principal holiday’, flexible repayment options, unlimited withdrawals with no hidden charges for part-payments. Most importantly, your loan liability is protected with a customized insurance plan after assessing your financial fitness.

Applying for a Business Loan on Finserv MARKETS is an easy online process with loan approval in 3 minutes at attractive business loan interest rates and money credited into your bank within 24 hours. So, if you have decided to chase the professional photography dream, there couldn’t be a more auspicious time than this Aug 19th, on the eve of World Photography Day – now that you have avenues to fund your photography equipment.

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