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Tips to Go Green This World Environment Day

By Finserv MARKETS - Jun 3,2019
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Tips to Go Green For Business

Companies committed to a healthy environment are aware that going green not just benefits the world overall but also helps avoid unnecessary expenses thus, saving money in the end. Going green fosters a healthier workplace environment and culture while ensuring tax benefits.

We have whittled down nine easy ways for any business to start on the green route.

1.Building Green Office Spaces

Maintaining greenery with landscapes around the office space is a smart way to trade unhealthy carbon dioxide for pure oxygen. Fresh air helps employees breathe cleaner air ensuring better health and improved productivity. The free flow of pure oxygen helps avoid common airborne sickness or allergies reducing the number of sick days and increasing productivity at work. Investing in landscaping could initially be financially demanding. Bajaj Finserv Business Loan from Finserv MARKETS offers various options to help realise this green project.


As long as a business, however small or big, has a strong cloud network established, it voids the need for employees to be present in the office and to utilize the resources. They may connect through tele or video conference calls. If implemented efficiently, this largely reduces the electricity consumption at the business place. This leaves the business with more money to be used wisely.

3.Incentives Encouraging Carpooling

Businesses must encourage employees using the public transport or carpooling system to commute to work on a regular basis by providing rewards or incentives. Carpooling reduces traffic congestion on road which in turn reduces release of air pollutants. Moreover, employees carpooling regularly end up building strong relationships which helps strengthen work relations and eventually works in the favour of the company.

4.Tax Advantage

Embracing environment friendly approaches can help tip the scales in the favour of the business as it can gain significant tax breaks. Thus, taking efforts to go green by reducing emissions or even utilizing solar energy is a headway to easy tax credits! Online platforms like Finserv MARKETS offer the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan that will make your Go Green initiatives easier to launch.

5.Influencing Prospective Investors

Taking measures to go green amplifies the credibility and reliability factor of a business in the eyes of an investor. Investors tend to put their money into a business conforming to environmentally friendly standards and reducing the overhead expenses. This is because investors are aware of the long run returns that follow with going green.

6.Reusable Green Alternatives

If given a choice between an expensive product and a green product, a consumer would most certainly go for the latter. Reusable products benefit the consumer and prevents the release of additional waste in the environment.

7.Stationing Water Dispensing Systems

A business can save on its expenses as well as spare the environment from damaging plastic waste by simply installing water-dispensing systems at various accessible corners rather than distributing non-recyclable plastic water bottles. Everyone at the company can use these filtered dispensing systems to stay hydrated while helping reduce waste and saving money.

8.Going Digital and Paperless

Owing to technological advancements, a business can seamlessly function without depending too much on papers as documents can be easily scanned and transferred into cloud. Decreased paper waste can help clear clutter in the workplace while saving significant costs for the business. So, every business should ideally follow the Go Digital and Go Green mantra!

9.Incorporating Energy Efficient Utilities

A business can minimize its utility costs and maximize its savings by making simple changes, such as replacing energy-consuming light bulbs with energy saving LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs comparatively have a longer shelf life. Improving overall energy efficiency can help the bigger business contribute positively to the environment while avoiding additional costs.

So join the wagon and go green this world environment day while you save money to re-invest in the business, watching it grow the green way. With us, at Finserv MARKETS, applying for a business loan is quick, easy, and can be processed in no time. In fact, we provide bespoke services that can be customized to your business needs. So, why look elsewhere? Check Your Eligibility Now!

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