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Tips to maintain your two-wheeler’s health during Lockdown 2020

By Bajaj Markets - Apr 28,2020
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Tips to Maintain Your Two-wheeler’s Health During Lockdown 2020

The impact of the pandemic is very apparent in the whole world. The challenges it brought with it were unprecedented and no one could ever imagine that the situation could turn so serious within such a short span of time. In order to protect ourselves from the pandemic, we have to follow social distancing religiously, to stay away from the infection. While the majority of the world has gone into complete lockdown, our movement has ceased as well. We are supposed to stay at home to stay safe. And while we are at home safe and secure, our two wheeler needs adequate security and care too. Our movement has become minimal, leading to the movement of the vehicle becoming minimal too. But that also calls for the fact that, you need to constantly maintain its health, so that you do not end up paying a lot once the lockdown ends.

So here are some tips to maintain your two-wheeler’s health during lockdown 2020:

1.Park safely

First and foremost, park your two-wheeler in a safe place to protect it from dust, leaves and other particles. Also, in case you do not have a safe spot for parking your vehicle, consider having a bike cover so that your bike remains in a safe state. A cover prevents the entry of leaves, dust, twigs, branches and particulate materials in the bike. It also reduces the chances of rodents or snakes entering the bike to hide and damage any components.

2. Park Properly

Always park your bike on the main stand and not the side stand. This should be done so that the fluids in the vehicle remain at a balanced level and circulate thus keeping the internal components lubricated. This also keeps the bike safe, away from falling without having the tires strained. Not to forget, always lock your two-wheeler to avoid potential chances of theft.

3. Battery

Now comes the major thing, which is the life of a two-wheeler – Battery. Now that the bike is leading a sedentary lifestyle just as ours, it is important that it does not get discharged. So it’s better to disconnect the battery or if you are unsure of the ways to disconnect it, you can start your two-wheeler twice a week and let it idle for some time. Idling your two-wheeler will facilitate lubrication and thus the battery won’t discharge and deplete.

4. Lubrication

Apart from checking the battery for its functioning, you also need to take care of the cables, springs and chains that form an essential part of your two-wheeler. They must be kept lubricated so that performance of the vehicle remains the same as it was during the regular movement. Always go for light lubricants as they do not attract dust.

5. Keep it clean

Though your bike is a non-living entity, that does not mean you can ignore its health. You must keep your bike clean! Wipe it thoroughly every day using a cloth to get rid of even a minute trace of dust. Also, wash your bike in case of spots of bird droppings or grease. If really dirty and messy, clean the chains to protect it from rust. And most importantly, all this is to be done with proper precaution. Wear a pair of gloves and a face mask and when back home, wash your hands using soap and ensure hygiene.

Apart from all these points, also check for the tire pressure once in a while. And during this time, make sure there are no valuables in your bike, especially your vehicle documents.

So, it’s clear that maintaining your two-wheeler’s health during the lockdown is as important as your health. Maintaining your vehicle means you can ride it without any worries, once the lockdown is lifted. Considering the current scenario of the pandemic, there is still time for your bike to get back on the road. And though its movement is minimal, you still need a Two-wheeler insurance. With a two wheeler insurance, you can get covered for repair and replacement expenses, in case you don’t maintain your bike well during the lockdown.

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