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What are the cost involved in setting up a Dental Clinic in India

By Finserv MARKETS - Jan 29,2020
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Cost involved in Setting Up a Dental Clinic

In order to establish your own dental clinic, a level of commitment, good financial background and knowledge of various aspects such as industry awareness, marketing strategy, etc is required. However, setting up and running your first Dental Clinic in India is not that simple. But the success of your business will solely be determined by your decision-making abilities. You need to have a sound clinical knowledge and know-how of the various aspects of your business are prerequisite for running a successful practice.

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Here’s an overview of all common costs involved in setting up while establishing your Dental Clinic.

  • Education

One of the first big costs involved even before getting started with the medical practice. Educational costs weigh heavily in the first few years of medical practice.

In government colleges the 1st year BDS degree is around Rs. 47,400 for open category students, as against Rs. 9,600 for reserved category students. On the other hand, private colleges fee structure varies between 2.5 lakhs to 3.25 lakhs per year, for a period of four years. A total of 10 lakhs to 13 lakhs, most of which could be student loan debt that students would end up repaying once they get started with their practice.

The costs of running a dental clinic in India can be broadly summarized into 2 groups:

  1. Treatment costs
  2. Running costs
  • Dental Treatment Cost

Dentists require various technology, medical instruments, and implements to perform dental procedures. The following are the basic requirements to be planned for:

  1. The cost of dental chairs and hard equipment ranges between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000.
  2. On-time costs for X-Ray sensors, dental drills, and basic dental instruments which together range around Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,000

All such medical equipment undergoes daily wear and tear. Thus they require replacement over a period of time. Apart from these, there are various costs incurred at a unit level, while performing dental procedures. Given below is an indicative list of the costs:

A. Dental Filings

Dental Filings is one of the most common procedures that require dental drills, dental burs and filling material.

  1. Dental drills cost up to Rs. 4000 to 20,000
  2. Dental burs cost ranges up to Rs. 500 to 3000 per bur
  3. Filling material: Rs. 800 to 7000 for about 3 grams of ‘composite’ or tooth-colored filling material.

B. Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a simple procedure, for this, the dentist uses local anesthesia, syringe & needle, dental forceps, cotton and sometimes dental drills.

  1. Dental forceps: Different teeth require different forceps; the cost of a single pair being Rs. 1000 to 2500
  2. Other dental equipment end up costing Rs. 50 to 300 per patient

C. Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

RCT requires several implements: dental drills & burs, several X-rays, dental files, measuring gauges, antiseptic solution, filling material, cement, and more. The total cost ranges around Rs. 300 to 1500 per patient.

D. Dental Crowns

This procedure has three stages:

  1. Tooth preparation requires dental drills & burs, impression material, and temporary crowns. Generally costs Rs. 100 to 300.
  2. Crown fabrication, which is usually performed in a specialist dental laboratory.
  3. Depending on the nature & quality of the crown, costs range between Rs. 100 to 3000.
  4. Crown fixing requires cement, dental drills & burs, and costs around Rs. 25 to 100.

E. Dental Implants

For Dental implants, metallic screws are used to fix artificial teeth into jawbones.

This surgical procedure ranges from Rs. 500 to 3000. Placing dental implants also requires equipment such as physio dispensers and special dental burs, which together cost Rs. 25,000 to 2,00,000. The dental implants themselves cost Rs. 1000 to 10,000. The total costs of all the above end up crossing 6 figures.

  • Running costs of a dental clinic

Here are some common costs of a dental clinic:

  1. Rent and maintenance costs of the clinic
  2. Monthly bills of Electricity, water, phone & internet facility
  3. White goods, such as computers, air conditioners, refrigerators
  4. Salary payment of staff, namely the receptionist, paramedical assistants & associate doctors
  5. The total marketing costs, like signage and advertisement, etc.

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