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Where do I begin if I want to climb Mount Everest?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 12,2019
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Guidelines For Mountaineering Expedition

Towering above everything in earth and with a height of 29,029 feet above sea level, there is nothing more awe-inspiring, challenging and inviting to an indomitable human spirit than the Mt. Everest. Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay scaled the ‘roof of the world’ in 1953, many mountaineers and explorers have attempted to ascend the Mt. Everest. Many have lost their lives; some have failed while a select few have been able to reach the top.

However, all the failures and deaths have not stopped hundreds of people from all over the world from taking part in the Mount Everest expedition from Nepal and Tibet every year. Today, close to 800 people make it to the summit every year and more than 4,000 climbers have summited the Mt. Everest since 1953.

The good news is that scaling the highest peak in the world is much easier than before. The bad news is that you need to be extremely fit and have to spend a fortune to even make it to the expedition list. But even if you have to take a travel loan, the experience is worth every penny and stamina that you spend. Interested? Let’s understand what it takes to scale the Mt. Everest and where to begin.

Strong motivation

Why do I want to scale the Everest? Begin by asking this question to yourself and test your motivation for this extraordinary endeavour. Finding an answer to this question is important because when you are more than 20,000 feet above sea level at -20 degree Celsius with blood freezing winds blowing at 30kph, you will ask yourself why. Your answer, which is your motivation, will decide whether you want to go ahead or return to base camp. Understand that you need to have a strong motivation to make it – this is not something you do to flaunt pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

You will also need to understand that climbing the Everest is not about the summit or reaching the top but the experience. Many people fail the first time and some many times but what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger and wise – and eventually, they succeed. Don’t regard this as a conquest but a learning experience and you will have a great time. If you can reach the summit, that’s a bonus.

Climbing experience

Though tour operators will market the Everest expedition as something that everyone can attempt, don’t be deceived. Apart from physical training, you need to acquire some mountaineering skills. If you want to attempt climbing a 29,000 feet behemoth, you have to start at least 8,000 feet to check how your body performs at high altitudes. No amount of running and weight training can give you an idea of what it takes to climb the “roof of the world.” You should join a climbing school or join expeditions to lower altitudes to condition your body and improve your mountaineering skills.

The cost factor

The average cost of climbing Everest from the South face which lies in Nepal is $40,000 or approx. Rs.28 lakhs. If you start from the North face in Tibet, it will cost you around Rs.24.5 lakhs but it is a bit riskier as Tibetan climbers are not as skilled as the Sherpas of Nepal.

Getting a permit alone from Nepal to climb the Mount Everest will set you back by more than Rs.7.5 lakhs. Apart from a substantial amount of money paid to the guide company, you need supplemental oxygen which is very expensive. Also, the mountain gear will cost you more than Rs.3.5 lakhs. Therefore, climbing Mount Everest not only brings a physical and mental challenge but a financial challenge as well.

If you type “I want to climb Mount Everest” on Google, you will get close to 4 million hits. You are not alone; there are millions on the planet who dream of scaling the Everest. However, there is a difference between wishful thinking and a plan. If you are really planning to go on a mountaineering expedition to Mt. Everest, you will need a personal loan for travel because it is a costly journey. A Bajaj Finserv travel loan available at Finserv MARKETS with attractive interest rates and minimum travel loan documents will help you  fund the travel to Mount Everest.

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