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Why are Green Homes worth buying?

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 29,2019
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Are green homes worth buying?

Raman and his entire family have been considering taking the plunge this year and buying their dream home. While scouring through dozens of apartments, Raman has come across several features that would help make his new home a green home, however, he does not think the added cost of this would pay off in the long run. Just like several others in the country, he has this misconception that green homes are not cost-effective and will be costly to maintain in the long run. However, the reality is that not only do green homes make infrastructure development in the country more environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also prove to be incredibly low-maintenance and cost-effective in the long scheme of things. Here are the reasons why green homes are worth buying in today’s economy.

#1. Such homes are cheaper to run

Yes, you indeed read that right! Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly houses have low running costs while also having environmental benefits. Based on market research, simply due to more eco-friendly cooling and heating systems, families can expect to save up to 65% on energy bills. In fact, rainwater harvesting systems can help reduce monthly water costs by 60%, while using a solar-powered electric system can reduce your energy cost by almost 100%. Even small moves such as switching your light bulbs to LEDs reduces electricity consumption significantly.

#2. Green homes tend to have a longer life span

Another very important factor to note here is that green homes tend to last longer and age better than traditional homes. Since Raman is looking for his dream family home, which is likely to be in his family for generations, he would like to find a sturdy and long-lasting property. This is when green homes come into the picture. Such homes are built with eco-friendly materials which are tougher and can withstand high winds and are not prone to rot or termites. Additionally, in such homes, all natural and sustainable construction materials such as bamboo, wood, recycled metal, recycled plastic, structural insulated panels, cellulose and natural clay plaster are also treated in a way to ensure that they last a long time.

#3. Such homes will improve your health and quality of life

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a green home is the dramatic impact they will have on your health and lifestyle. A green home helps promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family due to natural air flow and a plethora of plants and solar energy. Usually, wall paints are cited as being one of the most leading causes of air pollution, which is why more and more people are switching to non-VOC paints. In fact, most green homes of today are designed along with the concept of “passive house design”. This means that anyone who lives in a green home enjoys benefits such as optimal indoor temperature, excellent airflow and natural lighting without even going out of their house.

#4. Such houses have a greater real-estate value

A well-maintained green home enhances the value of its property. This is because they are more appealing to new buyers due to their cost-effective operation. Due to rainwater harvesting systems and solar power energy systems, two very important resources are already being taken care of in your household. Due to these benefits, green homes are valuable assets and if you have to sell your home, it will generate a much more significant return on investment.

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