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Will Every Job Need Coding Skills a Decade from Now

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 31,2019
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Will Every Job Need Coding Skills a Decade from Now

The demand for excellent coders is on the rise in a number of fields including manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. Coding skills can enable you to work in varied positions including data analytics, Information Technology (IT), designing, engineering, and science-related fields. According to a leading job portal, eight out of 25 jobs are tech positions while another portal indicates there were seven million openings (in 2015) that required coding with programming jobs growing 12% faster than the average that year.

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What is coding?

Coding skills are used to write instructions to a computer with a computer programme and can include JavaScript and HTML skills for websites, AutoCAD for engineers, and all-purpose languages like C++ and Java. A report found that the highest demand was for coders who could use programming languages with broader applicability such as-

  • SQL for databases
  • Linux for computer system operation
  • XM, C++, Python, .NET and Java for general purpose programming

A few positions open at Information Technology (IT) firms need more specialisation.

What are coding jobs?

Coding jobs require knowledge on writing computer code and include positions such as that of a Database Administrator, Graphic Designer, and more. Here are a few positions for you to consider-

  • Data Analysts: They use computer programming to solve problems in finance and business. The common tasks include estimating the company revenue or even the number of particular items a store should display to maximise sales.
  • Designers: Designers use digital tools to design products and build new websites.
  • Engineers: Engineers test and assess how a new product can solve practical problems.
  • Computer programmers and IT professionals: They write software for building computer networks, websites, and more.
  • Scientists: They use computer programming to create simulations of real-world events.

How much does it pay?

A report found that nearly 49 per cent of jobs that provide remuneration of $58,000 and more require some knowledge of coding. Globally, tech skills like coding can enable you to survive any part of the economic cycle – maybe with minor adjustments to that massive salary package. A US-based job portal estimated that average salaries in the US increased by 7.7 per cent annually.

The need for coding skills exists in fields outside of tech-focused firms including in manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. Experts recommend learning to code to open your doors to better-paying job opportunities.

The future of coding

Technology is continuing to develop at a rapid pace and firms in India were barely able to catch up. However, today, with the last tech integrations in, for example, the financial sector, AI, ML, and RPA are common discussions in conference rooms. Coding is now also increasingly easier to learn with coding boot camps available across the country. The languages in demand are SQL, Linux, C++, Python, and .NET among others. Experts recommend completing a bachelor’s degree to enhance your options for a coding job, but even without this, you can take up multiple positions at organisations at a less senior level.

The need for excellent coders is on the rise with companies desperately seeking the best software developers in the industry to build essential software and drive innovation. Experts foresee, by 2025, that more and more people will access websites through camera-based interfaces and voice-enabled options. With tech companies rebuilding themselves with AI and virtual reality, the future of coding is definitely in a positive direction.

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