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5 major risks covered by Travel Insurance

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 4,2019
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The importance of getting travel insurance is now an established fact in the minds of most people. Mainly because there are unforeseen risks on any trip and it helps to go prepared to face undesired consequences. It also helps to know what these risks are and how travel insurance protects you against it.

Medical Expenses
With the high exchange rates and rising costs of medical expenses, getting injured or sick in a foreign country could be very expensive. It would be a struggle if you were to encounter medical emergencies without the help of a travel insurance.

Personal Liability
Sometimes, we might be in a situation where intentionally or not, we cause damage to someone or their property. This is a tricky situation and might end up turning into a costly one. This is yet another risk for which a  traveller’s insurance covers you.

Loss of luggage
At times, when you lose your luggage, you might just end up losing some of your precious belongings too. You can get covered for your lost luggage, another example of a risk covered by travel insurance.

Flight cancellation
Flights are expensive. Especially if you’re traveling abroad and sometimes, due to an emergency, you are faced with no other option but to cancel your flight. Flight cancellation is hard to take. More so, when you’ve saved up for it, the loss is not just of the money but the memories you could have made as well. Travel insurance helps you at least recover the prices of your air ticket.

Death overseas
There have been cases of travelers passing away abroad and their loved ones going through a harrowing process financially and emotionally trying to bring back their remains to their home country. Travel insurance covers this risk as well and ensures that there is some respite for those suffering by taking care of medical repatriation expenses and providing you with emergency cash.

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