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Advancements and innovations in technology have improved our lives to a significant extent. One of the modern innovations that have become popular lately is electric vehicles. Many new models of electric cars and bikes have been introduced in the Indian market and consumers are already adapting to this new style of transport in metropolitan and urban areas. There are several advantages of electric bikes; it is one of the biggest adoptions of green transportation. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries/fuel cells that allow you to travel long distances on a single charge. They are cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and an emission-free form of transportation. In this article, we’ll look at these advantages in detail and the challenges that the electronic vehicle industry faces in India.

Benefits of Electric Bike

  • Helps You Save Money

Switching to an electric bike will save you a lot of money in the long run. With the extreme rise in petrol and diesel costs in India, riding a motorcycle for a daily commute will surely have an impact on your budget. E-bikes come with affordable batteries that can last up to 30 to 80 kilometres, depending on your commute. Newer models of e-bikes have even more extensive batteries, capable of lasting more than 100 kilometres.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

Climate change is real, and we all need to play our parts wisely to improve the environmental conditions. E-bikes emit significantly lower pollutants compared to regular motorcycles and cars. You can personally contribute towards saving the planet by switching to e-bikes instead of petrol or diesel vehicles. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles will have a large and measurable positive impact on the environment. Saving the environment is one of the best electric bike benefits.

  • Wide Range of Designs

Over the past few years, electric bikes have seen a rise in trend in the Indian market. A lot of automobile companies in India have entered the electric bikes market and have come up with a wide range of designs to accommodate your needs. So, if you cannot find a perfect one for you just yet, rest assured as there will be one pretty soon.

  • Easier Maintenance

Maintaining a petrol or fuel-powered bike is significantly more difficult as compared to an electric bike. A fuel-powered bike has a lot of complex machinery that needs to be taken care of regularly and also needs regular servicing. On the other hand, for an electric bike, the only major thing the owner needs to look after is the condition of the battery.

Challenges Faced by E-Bikes and Electric Vehicles

There might be a lot of benefits of electric bikes, however, they also come with some problems. The challenges faced by electric vehicles in India range from systematic issues to the mindset of the consumers. While they are becoming increasingly popular, it will still take a few years and massive infrastructure development for electric bikes to become mainstream. Some of the challenges faced by e-bikes are as follows:

  • Inadequate Charging Infrastructure

In 2018, India reportedly had 650 charging stations for electric vehicles. The lack of charging infrastructure discourages most consumers from buying e-bikes. Moreover, the shortage of private parking spaces has also hindered the adoption of electric bikes across the country.

  • High Price of Electric Bikes

The average price range for electric bikes in India is between INR 70,000 to INR 1.25 lakh, which is comparatively higher than the price range of regular bikes. Thus, making a good value proposition immediately in the market can be a huge challenge and is difficult to achieve unless the costs come down. However, as e-bikes become mainstream, the price for upcoming models may come down through infrastructure scaling.

  • Range of Electric Bikes

Range anxiety comes into the picture because most people still believe that electric bikes are incapable of taking them to their destination due to their limited range of travel and lack of charging statistics. So, while other vehicles can be refuelled at the gas station, such a regularised infrastructure is not yet available for e-bikes.

Final Takeaway

Whether you choose to buy an electric bike or not, we know that two-wheelers are the most common mode of transport in India. Bikes are a useful and valuable mode of transport and safeguarding them with appropriate bike insurance is equally essential. A lot of people consider purchasing comprehensive insurance as it provides extensive coverage to your vehicle.


You can also opt for zero depreciation insurance along with your basic policy to enhance its benefits. Understanding comprehensive vs zero depreciation insurance will help you make an informed decision. If you are looking for reliable two-wheeler insurance, you can take a look at the various two-wheeler insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets and benefit from features like 24×7 roadside assistance, cashless claims, extensive coverage, and much more.

FAQs on Benefits and Challenges of Electric Bikes

What are the main advantages of buying an e-bike?

The main advantages of using an e-bike are:

  1. Saving significant costs of fuel

  2. Helping in saving the environment through reduced emissions

Are electric bikes worth the money?

The initial investment in electric bikes may be expensive. However, you will save a lot of cost on fuel and maintenance.

Who should buy electric bikes?

People who live in metropolitan cities and other places that have access to electric vehicle charging stations should consider buying an electric bike. 

Do you need a license for electric bikes?

While some low-power electric vehicles with limited capacity do not need a license, more powerful e-bikes are required to have a license. 

Can I charge my electric bike at home?

Yes, you can charge your electric bike at home through the supplied charging mechanism. 

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